How to Help an Abused Dog

So you go to the pound and pick out a cute, little puppy; but when you get it home you can tell it is depressed and sad. This should make you feel a little sad yourself, if you are a decent person. Hopefully this article will help you and your dog become bonded and happy.Also make sure it gets more attention than most dogs would. It can help a lot.


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    Always care for the dog as much as possible, but especially go out of the way to show it love during the first three to four months. Dogs, if abused when they were young, grow up thinking that they are always in trouble or in for a beating.
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    Get to "know" the dog, its likes, dislikes, and fears. You have no way of knowing the troubles the dog went through as a puppy. Keep the environment low-key and don't favor your other pets. Jealousy will make adjustment more difficult.
    • After 3-4 months, let the dog explore your property. You don't want to let the dog go wherever he wants to in the beginning. He might think you are abandoning him. Be sure that you are with him outside and DO NOT LET HIM RUN AWAY!!
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    • After about 5 months (hoping that the dog is a little happy and less depressed), start treating him as if he did not need all kinds of attention. .
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  • Be sure to protect the dog from other dogs (especially if it is a smaller dog). Sometimes dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises, so do what you can to control the loud noises. (You have no control over storms)
  • Before getting the dog, ask the previous owners all about it if at all possible.
  • If you know what makes the dog feel bad, do not do it!
  • Let everyone in the house know what he or she is afraid of. Make sure they are prepared to have the dog around and have patience.
  • Emotional dogs are hard to work with; just give them time and love.
  • Don't ignore your dog!
  • After the dog is accustomed to your home, remember that his emotional trouble can surface at any time. Don't be discouraged by that.
  • You need extra time for an emotionally disturbed dog, so if you have a lot of pets and can't focus on a needy dog, think twice about this kind of adoption.
  • Don't punish him the first few months you have the dog!


  • If you are about to have a party, keep your dog in a quiet place and check on them every few hours.
  • Think twice about and emotional dog if you have small children or many pets already.
    • If your dog doesn't want to cuddle or get too close to you, then don't make them. It just gets them more scared!!
  • If the dog was really abused he may bite or scratch!

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