How to Have Your Personal Style

Tired of being the same as everyone else? Want to be released from the conformity? Then this article is for you!


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    Start by looking through your wardrobe. Get rid of anything that 1. You only bought because it was what everyone else was wearing 2. Doesn't fit 3. Isn't you and 4. Is out of fashion. Make three piles- one "toss/donate" one "keep" and one "maybe" pile. After you've gone through your whole closet, narrow down the "maybe" pile.
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    Take a piece of paper and write down things you like. Are big chunky bracelets your thing? Do you just have to buy anything with a bright blue teddy bear on it? Also include colors you like.
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    Shop, shop, shop! Don't go to any mainstream clothing stores first, like Aeropostale, American Eagle, or Abercrombie. Try going to less mainstream places like Dots and Rainbows. Make sure you actually like the things you're buying. Always ask yourself "Would I wear this because everyone else wears it, or because it's me?". If you answer to the first option, put the object back immediately. When you do buy clothes, make sure you have other options to wear them with. Once you find a bunch of things you like, head on over to the dressing room- there's no point in buying something that doesn't fit!
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    Don't forget accessories! Here's where you can really express yourself. Don't be afraid to wear that tiara with those light blue skinny jeans, or those jelly bracelets with that little black dress, it's all about YOU!
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    Shoes! Get a few different pairs of shoes. Converses, flip flops, platform boots, heels- there are so many options! Try standing out and maybe buy two pairs of Converses or flip flops, and wear one green one with one blue one! Try different laces, or even use Sharpies.
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    Hairstyles. Crimp it, curl it, iron it, tease it, braid it- do whatever you want! You could keep your natural color, put a purple strand in it, or go all the way and dye your whole head rainbow; it's up to you. Make sure you actually like it though, because unlike clothes, you can't instantly change it (without damage). Long hair has more styling options, but short hair is easier to style. Whatever your choice, take pride in it!
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    Act like you want to act. You can act however you want, but at the very least you should be kind and not whine. No one likes anyone who constantly pushes other people's stuff of their desks, and whines when they get in trouble. If you want to scream and do cartwheels in the hallways, then do that! Live life with no regrets.


  • Mix different fashions. You may love the dark side, but you may also love pink. So combine them- pink accessories with dark clothes or vice versa.
  • Just be yourself. It's not worth it to be someone else.


  • Don't copy other people's style. If you really like something, then incorporate it into your style.
  • People may make fun of you. Just hold your head up high and ignore them.
  • Don't let anyone tell you what to do. Unless they're your parents, or your teachers. Then you kind of have to listen to them.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal Style
  • Clothes
  • Confidence
  • An idea of who YOU want to be

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