How to Have Your Car Chromed and Plated

Chrome plating has become popular among owners of cars and motorcycles alike. Essentially, it involves using electric currents to apply chrome to a part of a car. There are a number of reasons people choose to have their car chromed and plated. They may be trying to prevent corrosion or make the upkeep and cleaning of their car a little less tedious. Most people are interested in chrome plating as a means of car restoration simply because it looks good. Before starting this project, though, you need to understand how to have your car chromed and plated.


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    Determine which parts of your car you want chromed and plated.
    • Parts that are frequently chromed include exterior pieces, such as bumpers, grilles, door handles, and interior engine parts.
    • Technically, it is possible to get almost your entire vehicle chrome plated if you wish.
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    Set a budget. Chrome plating can be expensive, especially if you are getting numerous parts done at once. Your budget may mean you get fewer parts done at a time, but if you have other major financial obligations, it may be better to stretch your project out over time rather than spending a large sum of money all at once.
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    Research auto shops that specialize in chrome plating vehicles.
    • As you are researching, take into account pricing, the reputation of each shop, the years of experience each shop has, the distance from where you live, and any customer reviews you can find attesting to other jobs the shop has done. Ask for references and check with your area Better Business Bureau before deciding on a shop.
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    Go to the chrome plating shop in person and ask some of the same questions you considered when you did your Internet research. Ask if you can take a look at some of their work in person.
    • Ask about the process of chrome plating, any special cleaning procedures you will need to implement after getting the vehicle chrome plated, how often you might expect to have to re-chrome it, and how to prevent damage to the chrome job over time.
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    Clean your car thoroughly, paying special attention to the parts you want to have work done on.
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    Take pictures of the parts you are getting chromed for liability purposes.
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    Take your car to the shop you've chosen to do the job. If you do not live within driving distance from the shop and the parts you want chromed are small, you could inquire as to shipping options for the parts to prevent travel.


  • A lot of car buffs like to take on car restoration projects on their own at home. This is not one of those projects. Because chrome plating can be highly expensive and dangerous if you do not have formal experience working with the materials involved, you are best leaving any chrome plating of your car parts to professionals.
  • You most likely will not be able to get a firm estimate on how much it is going to cost you to get a part chrome plated until you have taken it into a shop for professionals to look at. The websites of some chrome plating companies may say that they can give estimates based on which part you are looking to have work done on, but it often comes down to the condition the part is in. Even if you send in photographs, most professionals will not be able to give you anything close to a definite price until they have seen it themselves.

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