How to Have Weird (but Acceptable) Taste in Music

Music is a very powerful component in feeling fulfilled in your life which luckily happens to be a controllable factor. Just like how a 'right' person/college/food/experience can make us feel fulfilled and extremely happy, the 'right' music can do wonders to our perception of our own life. Finding good music is pretty much like dating. You have to voluntarily set up a date with a song, spend your time discovering the artist's discography and at the end decide if this is something that you would want to include in your playlist.


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    Contact a friend that you know who listens to unique music, and tell him/her to send you his/her favorite music. Go through the music and choose stuff that you have never heard before, but you are still comfortable with listening to.
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    Go to random music sites and listen to different types of music. Set the music selection genre to random, or choose one genre and let the music play on its own. If the song that gets played randomly makes you feel nothing then skip it and go to the next. But if the song captured your attention then in another tab explore the artist's discography to find some other works you might like. Don't be bias towards any particular genre and explore everything. Maybe even classical music. YouTube is a great idea if you already know the genres you're looking for.
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    Listen to non-conformist radio stations and get ideas from them. Most colleges have a radio station run by the students. Since the student DJs can pick their own music, these stations usually are a good place to hear new non-commercial stations. Internet radio stations are also often a good source of new music.
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    When you do find an artist you like, search for their CD at Amazon and check out the "People who bought this also bought..." part. Many other sites have this feature.
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    5 is another way to find different artists to listen to. Choose an artist you like, and click on the "Related Artist" tab and click a random link. Do this a couple times and you just may find one of your new favorite bands.
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    Search for Wizard Rock on Google. A lot of the bands are pretty decent, but hide the song titles from your friends!
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    If you find an unusual artist, look it up on and see what shows up under their tags. If, for example, you find a nice symphonic metal group with a female singer, you'll probably find lots more under the "female metal singers" tag.
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    Go to Pandora once you find a musician or song you're interested in, and create a "station" with that song or musician. You will be able to hear songs similar to what you have chosen.
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    Have confidence in your taste. Music is meant to enhance the quality of your life. Chasing "acceptable" music may deter you from enjoying varied artists that have a lot to offer than the commercially produced music. It is important that the music you choose to listen to everyday makes you happy because it is the soundtrack to the story of your life. Imagine if your life were a movie being played out then what kind of songs would you put in there? Would you keep songs you don't particularly like just because they are acceptable to other people? Or would you want to keep music that inspires you, makes you feel myriad of emotions and reflects what is going on in your own personal life? Be able to be comfortable with your taste in music.


  • It's okay if you're the only person among your friends that likes that kind of music.
  • If you don't like the music, don't say you do. This is about finding unique music that you enjoy, so don't pretend to like a certain artist for the sake of being known for liking strange music. There's plenty of special stuff out there, and some of it is surely right for you!
  • Don't do this just because you want to be different and don't take your friend's music if you don't like it.
  • If someone tries to criticize you, say "Thank you, but I didn't ask for your thoughts on my taste of music.
  • Try to not be offended if your taste is insulted. Everyone has the ability to have their own opinion, so don't let it affect you negatively.

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