How to Have Street Sense

Everybody probably was taught street smarts when they were young children. But sometimes, the way these teachers explain street smarts make it confusing, or you just don't think street smarts apply to your situation. You know all the basics, like look both ways, but what about the street smarts about strangers? Here is how to have Street Sense.


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    Look both ways before crossing the street. Everybody knows this rule but many people don't actually do it! Some people just run across, or cross without looking. Look both ways to save your life.
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    Don't socialize with strangers. So, it's fine to say hello when that cute guy says hi, but what if a 53 year old man tells you he knows you from when you were really little and would you like a ride home? Have five flags for conversing with strangers. Flag 1 means no problems. Flag 2 means no problems except for maybe one comment that made you uncomfortable. Flag 3 tells you that this person is a little strange and making you a little uncomfortable. Flag 4 means to consider turning back, this person is really weird and making you feel uncomfortable. Flag 5 means you're really uncomfortable and to run.
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    Look twice, save a life. Street sense applies to cars, too! If you're about to pull out of a parking lot onto a street, then look before you go flying on out! It happens many times that you just fly right out and almost crash. Also check before people pull out and try to just let them out.
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    Look out for any cautions. Cautions to watch out for are trees, anything on the road such as bottles, and anything else that's dangerous. Make sure that you don't trip or bump into anything.
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    Never take anything from strangers. They may say, "Oh, hey! I have leftover Halloween candy! Here, have some," but what if they inserted razor blades or even poison? Don't even take it and don't eat it, just run away if you don't know them. If they live down the street, it's different. But if you're in a different neighborhood and don't know them, just don't take it!
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    NEVER accept rides from strangers. They might say they know where your house is and could take you home to avoid the long walk, but what if that ride home has you ending up in their basement, all roped up. Never accept rides from strangers!
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    Get out of the way of cars. Many people "don't care" and will stay in the middle of the street when a car comes. Well, they probably will care when they're in a hospital bed and in court later.
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    Remember where you're going. Don't try new routes unless you know how to get back home.
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    Don't approach strangers. Just stay away, or maybe they'll think you're a weirdo and call the Emergency Services, you never know.


  • Always have a cell phone! That way you could always call somebody in case of an emergency!
  • Dress accordingly. At night, always wear light colors like yellow or light green! Most people don't follow this rule and will wear dark colors at night, and almost get crashed into!
  • Always let cars out of parking lots! It makes it easier than them crashing into you, doesn't it?
  • No matter what happens stay cool and try to think your way out of a problem. If you panic, it clouds your mind.
  • Always have licenses, IDs, and wallets in a safe place so nobody could take them when you get out of the car. If you want, even have a big bulky purse full of stuff sitting on your seat so that any robbers may think your IDs and wallets are in there.
  • Pretend that strangers are just trees, and walk right past them.


  • Don't try to flee police cars that are stopping you. If walking and they stop you, stop in your tracks and keep hands visible. If in a car, pull over, and take out wallet and license immediately. Even if you did nothing, by stopping, you will be cleared. If you flee, you won't be and you'll look as if you did what they're accusing you of.
  • Never bend rules for strangers! If they make you uncomfortable, then run!

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