How to Have Some Quiet Time During College

Two Parts:Making your room a havenFinding quiet places to study or reflect

If life on campus a little too loud, you're most likely someone who needs time to retreat from the noise and recover in peace and quiet. Fortunately, college isn't all about the party life, study groups and constant connection. It's also about individual pursuit of studies, quiet reflection time and seeking solace in the quiet spaces on campus. Finding a good balance will help you to enjoy your college study time.

Part 1
Making your room a haven

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    Speak to your roommate about having some quiet time. Try to reach a compromise on when it's okay to be noisy and when it's important to have peace and quiet. If there is a fair balance between the two, it might be okay by your roommate to stick to a schedule.
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    Find ways to drown out a noisy roommate. Obviously, you can't expect complete quiet all of the time, unless you've been paired with someone who has exactly the same quiet needs as you. However, you can tone down the noise somewhat by using tricks such as wearing noise canceling headphones and listening to music that you can study to, such as classical or instrumental pieces. Try sitting with your back to your roommate as well, to avoid being distracted as well as overwhelmed by the noise.
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    Tone down the noise from other dorm rooms. If no one is in your room or even the dorm, turn up some music, watch a movie on your laptop, invite your boyfriend/girlfriend over, go out on the grass and study, or put some headphones on to study, drink a hot drink, or take a nap.

Part 2
Finding quiet places to study or reflect

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    Get out of the noisy places altogether. Find the places on campus that will give you the peace and solitude you're seeking. For example, the library can be great provided the quiet aspect is properly enforced. Or, perhaps there are quiet study rooms or capsules available to you. Other places might include a quiet cafe nearby, classrooms nobody is using or a shared dorm area when everyone else is outside playing sport, going to parties or whatever else.
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    Walk around the campus for some quiet time. Find the pathways and grassed areas where people aren't being noisy and spend some quality time roaming around peacefully. If there is a body of water nearby, sit by it for some contemplative time. Find a tree with shade during the warmer months and sit beneath it and study quietly outdoors.
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    === Choosing quiet time activities ===
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    Find ways to chill out without studying. College isn't all work and all partying, it's also about finding time just for you, doing activities that you enjoy and that help to restore the balance within. Some of the fun and relatively quiet things you could do that don't involve studying include:
    • Read a nice book or just sit around your dorm room.
    • Redecorate your dorm or your room. Be sure others are happy about this first though.
    • Do absolutely nothing. This is easier said than it seems but is a worthwhile skill to practice.
    • Play a game on your iPod, iPhone, or computer.
    • Play video games that you enjoy, with the volume turned right down.
    • Talk to a friend.
    • Come up with a fundraiser for your college.
    • Visit YouTube for videos about calming things, such as nature, favorite talks, soft music, etc.
    • Call your loved ones.
    • Look out the window.

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