How to Have Perfect Legs

Three Methods:Showing off Your LegsCaring for your LegsToning Leg Muscles

The perfect legs are quite coveted in our society, and though there is a variety of beautiful legs in the world, everyone can benefit from healthy, toned legs. Whether you are trying to show off what you've got or develop new muscles, having perfect legs is attainable for anyone.

Method 1
Showing off Your Legs

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    Know that there is no one standard of beauty to conform to. Everyone’s legs are different, and everyone’s legs can be perfect for them. Never feel like your legs aren’t kicking because they don’t look like a picture in a magazine. Not only are your legs unique, but chances are good that the legs seen in magazines and advertisements were actually Photoshopped.[1]
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    Wear high-heels instead of stubby shoes to accentuate your legs. It gives the legs an elongated look. Make sure you become comfortable in higher heels so you don't appear clumsy. Stilettos also help to improve the look of your bottom.
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    Wear skirts and flattering shorts that show off your legs. If you are not happy with your thighs, feel free to wear something knee-length to show off your incredible calves. When you’re feeling bold and confident, aim for something a little smaller, showing off your legs in flattering ways.
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    Make sure your pants fit correctly. You should feel comfortable in your pants and have a full range of motion. Usually, the best fitting pants are tight around the butt and legs without restricting your movement.
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    Wear pantyhose. Pantyhose fit in almost any fashion situation, as long as you have a few different colors. Wear them under skirts for instantly slimmed and smooth legs any time.
    • Wear dark pantyhose at night or in the evening.
    • Aim for lighter or tan pantyhose during the day, or try out a crazy new color.
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    Get a leg tan. Tanned legs look healthy and beautiful no matter where you are. Make sure your protect your legs with 30 SPF sunscreen, but give them a little color for a nice, summery touch.
    • Bronzing cream is perfect for your legs because they give them a healthy color without exposing them to UV light. In addition, the complaints that bronzer looks “streaky” are much harder to see on your legs.
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    Stand with good posture. Think of your body as being in a line. You want your ears over your shoulders, shoulders over you hips, hips over your knees, and knees over your ankles. Good posture will accentuate the best parts of your legs in any situation.

Method 2
Caring for your Legs

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    Avoid varicose veins by keeping your legs from long periods of strain. Varicose veins, also known as “spider veins” are the unsightly red lines some women develop as they get older. While not all varicose veins can be avoided, there are some steps you can take to prevent their development.
    • Exercise regularly to improve leg strength and circulation.
    • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
    • Cross you ankles, not your legs, when sitting.
    • Limit foods high in salt and sodium.[2]
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    Scrub away dead skin regularly. Your entire body is constantly flaking off dead skin cells, and your legs are no exception. Shaving, walking, and wearing pants takes a toll on your skin, so help it replenish itself by removing the dead skin cells. Use a washcloth, loofah, or exfoliating scrub gently wash your legs every time you shower.
    • Try a sugar scrub for even better results.
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    Moisturize your legs every night. Rub a small amount of moisturizing lotion into the skin on your legs every night before bed to keep your skin happy and healthy. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated to prevent cracks, damage, and spots.[3]
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    Think about removing leg hair. Leg hair is considered unsightly by many people. That said, you should never feel like you have to shave your legs to impress someone. If you are going to a high-class event, want to have “movie-star perfect” legs, or just find leg hair unattractive, you’ll need to find a way to remove the hair.
    • Shave your legs. The most common way to remove hair is to shave your legs in the shower. It is quick and easy, but it doesn’t always last for a long time.
    • Wax your legs. Though sometimes painful, waxing keeps your legs smooth for a longer time than shaving.[4]
    • Use an Epilator. These little machines work much like waxing, by pulling out the individual hairs. Unlike waxing, epilators are clean and reusable, but many women find them painful.

Method 3
Toning Leg Muscles

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    Get 3-5 hours of aerobic workouts in each week. An aerobic workout is one that speeds up your heart rate and breathing. Think of swimming, running, or biking. Even going for a walk is a great way to get your legs into shape and cut fat around your thighs. Try leg-specific exercises, such as
    • Riding a bike
    • Swimming
    • Stair climbing
    • Elliptical
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    Try sprint or interval training. Toning your muscles requires periods of intensity to mold muscle fibers. Jogging is not going to do this for us, but interval running will. To interval train, run at top speed for 30 seconds and then jog for 1 minute to relax. After the minute is up, start sprinting again for 30 seconds. Repeat this pattern 10-15 times.
    • Remember to warm up and cool down before and after your workout.
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    Do lunges. Deep lunges tone the thighs and the butt. To do one, step forward as far as you can with your right foot. Slowly lower your left knee and your waist down towards the floor, “sinking” into the lunge. Stand up and alternate sides, repeating each side 10 times, 3 sets in a row.
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    Try groin exercises like leg lifts. These tone your inner thigh, or “thigh gap.” Lay on your right side and lift your left diagonally into the air, as if you were trying to fit a ball in between your thighs. Repeat 20 times, then switch sides. Work out each side 3-5 times.
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    Do calf raises. These are easily done anywhere you have a small ledge. Stand on a step or any raised surface on the balls of your feet, leaving your heels off the edge. Slowly stand up on your tip-toes and then lower your heels back down below the edge. Repeat 20 times, 3 times in a row for killer calf muscles.
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    Lift weights to build leg muscles. One of the most effective ways to build killer, perfect legs is to grow and tone your muscles. The rumors that lifting makes women look “bulky” are largely lies—weightlifting is a simple way to get better results, faster, and you will be in control of how big you get.[5] While there are a lot of different exercise machines, these few exercises are a good way to start toning your calves, thighs, and butt:
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    Make sure you are exercising effectively and safely. Proper technique is the most important thing to master when trying to tone muscles. Being sloppy leads to injuries and prevents your muscles from growing as quickly as they could otherwise. Some basic principles to remember include:
    • “No pain, no gain” is a myth. Exercises should be challenging but not painful, otherwise you are risking injury.
    • Aim for 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps with every exercise for the best results.
    • Keep your posture strong – back straight, joints never fully extended, and feet firmly planted on the ground.


  • Sitting with your legs crossed can dull blood circulation and lead to varicose veins. Crossing your ankles avoids this problem.
  • Be patient. There are no quick fixes for getting perfect legs; the major changes come from better long-term choices to lead a healthier lifestyle that benefits your body. Create a routine and stick with it to maximize the physical and physiological benefits.
  • Research products online and test them out in-store before purchasing them. Ingredients that may be harmful to your skin could increase sensitivity to UVA/UVB rays, irritate your skin, or cause allergic reactions, among other conditions.
  • Perfect legs do come in all shapes and proportions. The important part is that you take care of your body to the best of your ability.


  • Always use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher when tanning. Don't worry, you will still tan. Too much tanning is harmful and can result in serious skin problems, including melanoma.
  • Be wary of diet pills and other pharmaceutical products that promise to improve your body quickly. They often come with huge side effects and are ineffective. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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  • Good leg make-up

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