How to Have Luxurious Skin and Look Great with Makeup

Having great skin and looking good in make up takes a little bit of effort,but is not hard to achieve. And of course,using make up shouldn't be a way of covering up your face,but just enhancing your best features. Want to know how to do this? Read on.


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    Take good care of your skin. When you have a shower or bath,make sure to use a body wash all over to refresh and rinse off. After you get out,use a body lotion/butter/cream to keep your skin silky soft. Massage in until completely absorbed. Use an exfoliator once a week. Scrub gently then wash off to get rid of dead skin cells. Every morning and night,use a good quality wash or cream cleanser to get rid of any dirt on your face. A moisturizer afterward keeps your face hydrated too.
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    After cleansing and moisturizing, you can apply your make up. Just remember, don't overdo it! Here are some steps to apply make up like a pro.
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    Face: With a large powder brush,sweep powder over your T-zone(forehead, nose and chin). For blusher, smile and dust your blush with a fluffy brush on the rounded parts of your cheeks. Don't use too much to avoid looking pale and red cheeked. Now shine should be at bay and your cheeks rosy.
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    Eyes: Extra care is a must when doing your eyes. Choose an eyeshadow colour, then sweep across your lid(carefully!)and no higher then your brow. Blend in well,either with an eyeshadow applicator,small brush or the tip of your finger. Keep in the lid. For eyeliner,gently line just the outer halves of your lower eyelids to make your eyes look bigger. Smudge carefully for a smokey look. When using your mascara,carefully brush through your lashes and allow to dry, as doing so repeatedly can cause smudges, clumps and spikes. One coat should be enough. If you prefer liquid eyeliner to pencils, then lean on one of your elbows and pull very gently at the edge of your eyelid. With the other hand, draw a fine line along the roots of your eyelashes. Allow make up to dry.
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    Lips: There are loads of kinds of lip balms,so take your pick,as they are essential for keeping your lips smooth and soft. Use sticks or just little pots. You can use lipsticks for dramatic,noticeable colour. Light pinks and browns are ideal. Paint carefully onto lips,not going over the edges. Or for a more subtle look,how about a lip gloss? These come in colours,with sparkles, flavoured or clear. Squeeze the tube and smooth onto lips for shine. If it is a lip gloss wand you have,paint onto lips just like you would with lipstick.


  • Keep your make up organized and in one place. Look after it.
  • Always take your make up off at the end of the day.
  • Sunscreen is always recommended, even when the sun isn't out!
  • Eyeshadow colours that look great are different shades of brown,light pinks,metallic silver or gold,baby blue,green and pinks or dark,mysterious blues. Take your pick and experiment!
  • A great look for school is just powder,blush,light brown eyeshadow and a touch of lip balm. Subtle,natural and suitable.
  • Experiment with different colours and brands.
  • Have a good quality set of brushes to help with looks.
  • Why not do a makeover with a mate?
  • Look for scented bath products.
  • Eyelash curlers are a great substitute to mascara. Just be gentle .
  • Remember, don't go for really expensive brands just because they have the best advert or look good. Find pieces at great prices and look in bargain shops too.


  • Don't use too much make up at once. If you play up your eyes, keep the rest of your face and lips neutral.
  • Choose the right foundation for your skin tone.
  • Choose suitable make up for the right occasion.
  • Once make up doesn't smell or look right, it's probably out of date and needs replacing. Don't keep products for more then 2 years.
  • Don't forget to remove your make up before sleep.

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  • Make up
  • Brush set
  • Place to keep all your pieces

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