How to Have Great Makeup on a Budget

The contents of your make up bag can add up to a lot of money, especially since it's always so tempting to buy the more expensive products in hope of a more professional look. But if you're low on money and are trying to cut down on your expenses, re-thinking your make up routine and the products you buy can save you a lot of money while still keeping you looking gorgeous.


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    First, go through your current make up bag and separate the products you use on a regular basis, and the products which just roll around at the bottom of your bag. You'll be surprised at how much of the stuff that you have is rarely used. Next time you visit a cosmetics shop, remember which products you need, and which ones you don't. Resist impulse buying.
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    Work out if there's any way of cutting down on the number of products you use. For example, if you use moisturiser and foundation every day, how about trying a tinted moisturiser. It doesn't give as much coverage as a foundation, but still evens out your skin tone, but without looking fake. Using a two in one product such as tinted moisturiser will save you money as you're not buying two separate things, and will also save you time on your daily routine.
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    Downgrade. If you currently buy products from brands such as Chanel or Clinique then try switching to high-street brands instead, many of them still offer a good finish, and although the packaging may not be as pretty, and the products may not smell as nice, you can usually find a cheaper substitute for what you're currently using. You can always switch back to your favorite brand when you get enough money in the bank.
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    Do your research. Before you go shopping have a look online for reviews on products which you are planning to buy. If the majority say its rubbish, then it probably is, and you'll be saving yourself money. This will help you to avoid buying a product which makes you break out or doesn't blend or only lasts five minutes, which would probably result in you buying another similar product just a couple of weeks later.
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    To make sure you don't make a mistake and buy the wrong shade of something, test it properly. If you are struggling to work out what colour is for you, then ask a sales assistant for advice. When testing foundation, check it on your jawbone, not on your wrist or the back of your hand.
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    If you're really low on funds, and out of make up. Try going to a make up store (usually only the more expensive brands do this), and say you're interested in buying a products but would like a tester to make sure it's right for you before you buy it.


  • Try to get used to wearing less and less make up until your list of make up that you use every day is minimal.
  • Bear in mind that by saving money now, you'll be better off in the future, so then you'll be able to buy whatever brands you like.
  • Ask friends and research online to find the best cheap products available in your area.


  • Sometimes cheap makeup can be clogged and/or blotchy so do a swatch.
  • Be aware that testers in shops, especially for eye make up, can spread infections.

Things You'll Need

  • A bit of cash(depending on how much you want to buy)
  • Some idea of what you want to buy!

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