How to Have Great Legs Without Waxing

Four Methods:Removing Leg Hair Without WaxingBeautifying Your LegsExercising Your LegsDressing to Suit Your Legs

Waxing can leave your legs feeling as smooth as ever. However, it's also very painful, so it's very understandable so many have wanted to make their legs look great without having to resort to it. While one's definition of 'great legs' is ultimately subjective and varies from person to person, there are some standard things you can do to have them looking their most vibrant and healthy.

Method 1
Removing Leg Hair Without Waxing

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    Shave your legs with a high-quality razor. [1] If you're not waxing and want great legs, you should still consider keeping your body hair in check. The most common way of doing this is by shaving via a razor. Make sure you shave with a good shaving gel or cream, as this will result in a closer shave. Run the razor slowly over the hair to remove it. Be slow and gentle to avoid undue cuts. Once you've finished shaving, treat yourself to a nice warm shower; this will rinse off the excess hair and get your legs moisturized.
    • Use a conditioner on your legs while you're shaving them. This will help result in a finer cut. [2]
    • A good razor is always preferable. If you're wanting great legs, you can't resort to budget supplies. Gillette's Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin razor is a bit pricey in comparison with other blades, but it's nonetheless recommended for its quality and ease-of-use. [3]
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    Use an epilator to prevent regrowth. An epilator may be purchased and used to much the same effect as waxing.[4] Much like waxing, it involves tearing out multiple hairs from the root. While a razor is best for getting the hair away at the start, an epilator will give your legs a waxy feeling of smoothness. Purchase one from your local beauty section, and run it slowly over your legs.[5]
    • Because it is pulling your hair out from the roots, epilators are as potentially painful as waxing. This is why it's better to shave your legs and use an epilator as maintenance.
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    Try a depilatory cream. Depilatory creams dissolve hair on the surface of your skin. Due to the fact that these creams don't target the roots of hair, choosing this option means you will have to use the creams quite often-- every couple of days, or however often it suits you. On the plus side however, the routine itself is easy and painless, so you may find it a favourable alternative to the less frequent, but infinitely more painful process of waxing. [6]
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    Consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonplace cosmetic procedures out there. Lasers will destroy the hairs within three to seven sessions, and the effects are usually permanent. Although prices will vary depending on where you are living and the number of sessions, it's a fairly affordable way to do without leg hair, considering all the time it will be saving you in the long run. [7]
    • Possible skin damage caused by the laser therapy is very uncommon, but has been known to occur. You should take this possibility into account when deciding. Bring it up with your doctor if you have any lasting concerns.
    • Wear sunscreen on your legs while they're recuperating. This will help ease the process of recovery.

Method 2
Beautifying Your Legs

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    Tan your legs. Many people consider tanned legs to be attractive. If you want a tanned glow to your legs, you have a few options. The most natural (and, arguably, the most enjoyable) of these is to tan naturally. If you live somewhere hot enough in Spring or Summer, you can go out and sunbathe yourself a good tan. Otherwise, tanning salons are quite abundant in city centres; find one close to you and attend sessions fairly regularly for a consistent glow.
    • If you're tanning naturally, take care to use sunscreen. Overexposure to the sun can lead to serious skin problems, which obviously won't help you on your quest for perfect legs.
    • You can use a fake tan product like bronzer if you lack the time or means to tan naturally. Just make sure not to overdo it, as the effect of using too much can be comedic and cartoonish.
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    Give yourself a leg massage. Using your preferred type of herbal oil, a calm and thorough leg massage can be a pleasant and effective way to encourage blood flow and give your skin a renewed glow. [8] Although the effect won't last more than a day, the routine itself can be a perfect way to wind down in the evening, so you won't feel hard-pressed to make time for it after a day of working.
    • Getting someone else to do this may prove more stimulating and effective.
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    Exfoliate your skin. If you're not exfoliating already, you may find exfoliating gives your legs an invigorated glow and radiance. After you shower, take a loofah, scrub or pumice stone and gently rub your legs in a soft, circular motion. The friction will remove dead skin flakes, leaving your legs looking (and feeling) better than before. Because it's recommended you exfoliate after the shower, it's usually easy to work this into your daily hygiene schedule. [9]
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    Explore tattoos and other body art. Though it depends on your personal taste in aesthetics, some people find tattoos to be a powerful accent on their bodies. A visible tattoo on your leg can make your leg that much more unique and personal. Failing that, certain times of body art, such as henna, may be used as a temporary way to beautify legs. Your body can be your very own living canvas.

Method 3
Exercising Your Legs

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    Get enough sleep. You can't expect your body to look anywhere near as good as you'd like if you're not investing enough hours a day towards giving it the proper rest it needs. While you've no doubt heard before you should be sleeping around 8 hours a night, you should try to get at least 6 if your daily schedule won't permit setting aside a third for slumber. [10]
    • It's equally as important that you get to sleep at the same time each evening. This way, your body will get accustomed to falling into REM sleep much more effectively than if you're falling asleep at erratic hours. Exercise some discipline and set a time to sleep at every night. If you stick to a consistent pattern, you should find yourself feeling better rested than before, even if the amount you sleep remains the same.
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    Eat a proper diet. Again, you can't expect to look your best if you don't attend to the basics of proper health. If you adhere to a healthy, whole foods-based diet, your body will thank you by looking better than ever before. While a whole foods-based vegan diet is vastly preferable over anything else, you should customize your new diet to suit your life. [11] Even cutting out basic things like soda pop and other 'empty calories' will help reduce excess strain on your body.
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    Practice Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress and increase health. More specifically, it has a great toning effect on your legs, as much of the exercise will seek to stretch and work your leg muscles. [12]
    • There are lots of yoga clubs around, and you may find it more enjoyable to partake with a group.
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    Do leg-focused stretches and exercises. Exercises like the leg lift and lunge are specifically designed to improve the look, function and feel of your legs.[13] If you have already committed to an exercise regimen, try working more of these leg-focused exercises into your routine. If your legs have a pleasant burning sensation afterwards, you know you've done your part for the day towards getting the legs you want. [14]
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    Go running.[15] Running is the most recommended exercise if you're looking to tone and improve your legs. While this cardio-heavy exercise is primarily meant to trim fat, the workout it will give your legs will manifest itself as lean muscle. Whether by yourself or with a partner, running is a perfect way to start your morning off right.
    • If you have much excess weight on you, going running will help trim down your legs.

Method 4
Dressing to Suit Your Legs

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    Consider the importance of clothing. Don't underestimate the way clothing can frame or emphasize your natural physical features! Fashion can have an insurmountable impact on the way you (and your legs!) are physically perceived by others. Generally speaking, you want to consider the occasion and your personal body type when picking out clothing. Your legs will be most directly framed by pants or shorts, but shoes and the rest of your outfit will have an effect. [16]
    • The quality of your legs regardless, dressing in short-shorts in below-freezing weather has never been a good look for anyone.
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    Choose your legwear to match your body and the occasion. A great deal could be written about a choice of legwear. If you're looking to emphasize the quality of your legs specifically however, tight-fitting pants (such as yoga pants) are a great choice, as they help tighten the look of your legs. If it's appropriately sunny outside, you might want to wear a fashionable set of shorts.
    • Try to avoid boxy or baggy clothing in this case. Baggy jeans and pants will do nothing for the look of your legs.[17]
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    Choose shoes that compliment your legs. [18] Shoes can have a significant effect on the way your legs are perceived. Ankle and knee-high boots have a shortening effect on legs, so while they may look good, they're a better match for longer legs. If your legs are on the shorter side, you'll have the best luck with shorter shoes, slippers, heels and sandals.


  • Between fashion, grooming and exercise, you may have one category you personally prefer to focus on over the others, but the best results will come from a combination of the three.


  • Don't get too hung up on having the best possible legs. Beauty is an amalgam of all of your features. Focusing on one may result in negligence of the others.
  • While there are certainly ways to work around waxing, there's little doubt that it's the most immediately effective way of getting your legs up to speed. Don't be surprised if you end up taking more time to maintain your legs without waxing.
  • Try not to stand for hours at a time, whether it's at home, at school, or at work. Too much standing will affect blood flow and cause veins to become more prominent on your legs. [19]

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