How to Have Fun Without Toys

Maybe you don't have many toys, or you are bored with the ones you've got. Guess what? You don't need toys at all to have lots of fun. All you need is your imagination and a willingness to play!


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    Start with imagining. Think about what you like, or like to do. Do you like animals? Does being a doctor or a fireman or an astronaut sound fun to you? Get some ideas of fun things you would do or be right now if there were no limits at all. Maybe you could role play being another character or creature. Or draw images of these things or make plans for becoming someone famous one day. Let your imagination run wild.
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    Look around you. Do you normally play inside or outside? Is it safer to play inside? Do you have a big yard or park? Do you have your own room or do you play in the main part of your home? See what you have to work with and then mix your make the most of what you do have.
    • If indoors, you can make a fort or a pirate's ship out of lounge chairs. Imagine you are sailing the high seas or flying a plane. Make use of the furniture around you. Borrow items from the kitchen to make a noisy percussion band and create a concert for the rest of the family to hear in the evening.
    • If you can play outdoors, you can still play games of imagination. In addition, you can make a fort, throw around balls such as a tennis ball or a soccer ball and you can use chalk to draw pictures or make games on the ground, such as hopscotch. Use your body's skills such as running, jumping and skipping to create fun games.
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    Name it. Naming your games makes them easier to remember so you can play them again and again. Once you have created your own games, they become an important part of your creativity and deserve to be remembered and played again. Some games thought up by children are set out under "Tips".


  • Safari Game: If you have an outside play area, crouch in the grass and pretend to be watching animals. Walk around slowly so that you don't scare the animals away. Talk as if you are making a TV show about the animal or pretend that you are a safari guide telling people about the animals. If you are playing with friends, they can be the animals, or your crew, or even the people on the safari (have them take pretend photos). If there are real animals around, such as the family dog, pretend that they are wild animals and base your game around that.
  • Traveling Game: You can pretend to go to other places in the world. Walk around and act like everything is new, and something other than what the items around you really are. A fence can be the Great Wall of China, a tree can be the Eiffel Tower in Paris, your backyard can be the grasslands of Africa, the wide open plains of America or frozen desert of Antarctica. What would you do in this new place? Go to a restaurant? See the wildlife? Act it out.
  • A cardboard box can be anything. With your imagination a box can be a race car, spaceship, plane, building, toolbox, a table, or anything you want. You can have an adult help you cut "windows" or "doors" out of it, or draw on it to make it look like whatever you want.
  • Almost anything can be part of your game. Just use what you have and pretend it's something else. If something you want to use belongs to someone else, make sure you ask them if you can use it first.
  • Just be creative and have fun while you're still a kid! ;).
  • When you use your imagination, you can do anything to have fun! Try these ideas, and mix them up or make whole new ones.
  • Doctor Game: If you are playing inside with friends or family, one of you can be the doctor and the other the patient. Lay the patient on a bed, couch, table or floor and use safe things like flexible sticks or straws as tools and play surgery. Diagnose what illness your patient has and treat it. Take turns.
  • Clothes can help too. Ask to borrow a parent's clothes and wear these to help in pretending.
  • Play dress up. Wear lots of clothes that might may you look like a character from a favorite movie or film. Act a scene in the movie. It's really fun!
  • You can also make pillow forts using couch pillows it may be small but it is fun.


  • Don't play in places you haven't been before without a grown-up's permission. They might know about unsafe things that you don't.
  • Make sure the adults responsible for you know where you are, so that they don't worry about you.
  • Be safe. If you are playing outside, stay away from places where there are cars or other dangerous things. Don't play in the kitchen without an adult's permission. Never play with or around stoves, sharp things or other things that might not be safe. Getting hurt isn't fun.
  • Never play with wild animals or animals that you don't know. They could be dangerous and again, getting hurt is no fun.

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