How to Have Fun Without Friends

Four Methods:Trying New HobbiesImproving your MindTaking Care of Your BodyGetting Out There

Whether you just moved to a new town, had a falling out with your group of friends, or everyone is busy, there are times when you'll find you're on your own and looking for something fun to do. Even if going solo makes you a little self-conscious, don't let it hold you back from enjoying yourself--you can still have tons of fun on your own. Keep reading for some ways to have fun without friends.

Method 1
Trying New Hobbies

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    Play computer or video games. Search for free games online if you don't feel like spending money. Otherwise, try out a multi-player online game to make friends while you're gaming. There are tons of different games out there, many with challenging puzzles and compelling storylines that can keep you engaged for hours.
    • Remember not to share too much information about yourself or others with anyone you meet online.
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    Experiment in the kitchen and learn to cook. Cooking can be really fun, especially when you've got a playlist of your favorite tunes going and a spread of delicious, fresh ingredients. Search online or watch a cooking show for a recipe that inspires you, then make a shopping list and get to work. There's no pressure for it to turn out amazing--after all, you're not feeding a dinner party or a celebrity chef judge. The best part is that you get to eat the results when you're done![1]
    • Baking and cooking will probably require you to use knives and the oven or stove. Make sure your parents are okay with you using these things, or ask them to help you prepare your dish.
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    Do something artistic. Take up painting, photography, writing poetry, pottery, scrapbooking--anything that gets your creative juices going. You don't have to worry about anyone judging your skills, so you can have total freedom of expression.
    • Enter your artwork in a contest. You could win money, meet other artists, and surprise your peers with your skills.
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    Treat yourself to a movie. Though people often go to movies in groups, it's not really a very social activity--there's no reason to talk or interact with anyone while you're glued to the screen. You'll quickly forget you're by yourself and will probably enjoy yourself just as much as you would if you went with a group.
    • Try cinemarathoning--buy a ticket for a matinee and then sneak into a second, even a third movie. Just make sure you don't get caught!

Method 2
Improving your Mind

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    Take a class on something that interests you. You can do it online or sign up at a local community college, or check out MIT's OpenCourseWare to download lectures for free.[2] You might find that a subject is so interesting to you that you want to pursue it as a career.
    • Take a class on coding and learn to make your own smartphone app. You could end up designing a hugely successful game!
    • If you're not up for an entire class, look for podcasts on your favorite subjects and see what else you can learn.
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    Start blogging about a subject that interests you. Are you a movie geek? Start a blog to share your thoughts on your favorite movies, write reviews, and interact with other film lovers online. If you're into photography, start a photo blog that showcases your best work. Blogging is a great channel for your passions and a way to meet people who share your interests.[3]
    • If you're a fashion junkie, blog your outfit of the day, about what's hot on the runway, and about your favorite labels.
    • Weigh in on your favorite sports teams and their performance this season, analyze trades and draft picks or stir things up with a passionate post about why your team is the greatest.
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    Go to the museum. Going to the museum alone means you can spend as much time at each exhibit as you'd like. If you want to spend 20 minutes staring at a painting, you don't have to worry about anyone trying to rush you. You can make your way through the museum as quickly or as slowly as you want.[4]
    • Try going to the museum on a free day.
    • Buy a membership so you can make your way through the entire museum over several visits. Plus, you may get special benefits as a member and get invited to lectures or previews of new exhibits.
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    Grab an unread book off your shelf or re-read a favorite. Don't underestimate the pleasure you can get from reading a good book. You can learn something new from a non-fiction book, or be transported to another world with some amazing fiction.
    • Visit the library to check out books for free and see if they have any reading groups or book clubs. It's also a great place to check for lectures and events.

Method 3
Taking Care of Your Body

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    Try parkour. Parkour is a fun way to make the world your obstacle course--try to find the quickest route from Point A to Point B.[5] This might require you to jump, climb, and tumble, and it will improve your balance and teach you to make quick decisions.[6] Start out slowly so you don't injure yourself and learn some of the basic moves before striking out.
    • Start out in your backyard or another forgiving, grassy environment.
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    Go for a hike. Going outdoors strengthens your immune system, promotes an active lifestyle, and encourages a positive, proactive attitude.[7] Spending time in nature can make you feel peaceful and put things into perspective. A long walk along a gorgeous mountain path will remind you of the beauty of the world and help you realize that being on your own is okay.
    • Make sure you let someone know where you're going and what time you'll be back. That way, if you get injured on your hike, your parents will know where to look.
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    Try a fitness class that might be embarrassing. Dance classes, Zumba, step class--these workouts are insanely fun, but can also be a little embarrassing while you try to work out the steps and follow the instructor. If you're surrounded by a bunch of strangers all trying to do the same thing, you won't feel so conscious and can just focus on having fun and dancing your heart out.
    • Yoga is another great, solitary workout. You can really focus on your movements. Plus, if you go to a class, chances are almost everyone there is alone, too.[8]
    • If you don't belong to a gym, just look up some videos for kickboxing, Zumba, or other fun workouts you can do in your living room.[9]
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    Pamper yourself with a spa day. Give yourself a face mask, paint your nails and toenails, and sip on some chilled cucumber water. Try out some new makeup tutorials and finally figure out how to do a perfect cat eye. Just allow yourself to luxuriate and relax and feel like royalty for a while.[10]
    • Ask your mom if she wants to splurge with you--maybe she'll treat you both to a massage or a mani-pedi.

Method 4
Getting Out There

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    Shed your self-consciousness. Most people are afraid to go out and do things on their own because they think other people will judge them, or they think they won't have as much fun as they would with a group. But actually, neither one of these things are true. We tend to overestimate other people's interest in what we're doing (few people will care or think about why you're alone), and we underestimate how much we will enjoy an activity if we do it alone.[11]
    • Don't let flying solo hold you back from going out and experiencing things. Chances are you will be way happier going out and doing something than staying at home instead.[12]
    • If you can't help but worry about what other people will think if they see you out alone, remind yourself that it takes some guts to do what you're about to do. If people see you out there enjoying yourself, shoulders back, not hiding that you're alone, you're going to appear more confident than anything else.
    • If you run into people from school and you're afraid what they'll think, don't hide from them or act embarrassed. Just act like it's not a big deal--yep, you went to see a movie alone. They probably wouldn't be brave enough to do what you're doing, so feel good about your solo adventure.
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    Volunteer and meet people while putting your time to good use. Get involved with a cause you are passionate about and put your skills to good use. If you're good with your hands, look into Habitat for Humanity. If you're amazing with animals, spend some time at a local shelter, walking dogs and playing with kittens. If you're an environmentalist, look for opportunities to join a beach or forest clean up day. You'll be having fun, saving the world, and meeting cool people all at the same time.[13].
    • Other possibilities include volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting children and elderly people in the hospital, spending time with kids at the Boys and Girl's club, and tutoring.
    • Contact your church or a local political organization to see if they have any volunteer opportunities.
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    Sign up for a meet-up or club for people with similar interests. Right away you know you have something in common with everyone there. Search online for free meet ups in your area--sci-fi lovers, hiking groups, photographers, foodies--and go to one of their events. You'll get to do the things you love and maybe make some friends in the process.
    • If you're a student, see what clubs your school has to offer.
    • There may even be a group for people who just don't feel like doing something on their own--like a movie in the park or visiting a theme park--and you can all go in a big group.
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    Take a trip and explore somewhere new. Make a playlist of your favorite songs, pick a nearby town, park, or attraction that looks weird or interesting (world's largest hamster wheel, maybe?), and hit the road. You can sing along as loud as you want, stop wherever you feel like it--you don't have to worry about anyone else's agenda (or bladder getting full). The trip can be all your own.[14]
    • For some people, a long drive is a good way to clear your head and relieve stress. It gives you time to think and recharge but gets you out of the house at the same time.[15]
    • If you can't drive or aren't old enough to take off for another town on your own, see if you mom, dad, sibling, or an older cousin want to take an adventure with you.


  • Stalking people when you don't have any friends is not the way to go.
  • Don't watch excess TV or overuse social websites.
  • Try to socialize with close family members that are near your age so you have relatable things to talk about. Like, for example, don't call an aunt that lives in a different state that you only met once Call a cousin you are close with instead.

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