How to Have Fun with Your Teenage Friends (Girls)

Three Methods:Making StuffPlaying GamesGoing Out

If you're tired of boring movie nights and you've outgrown the games you used to play, it's time to find new ways to have fun with your friends. You can crack each other up by playing new games, make amazing creations with stuff you have around the house, and go out to new places you'll never forget. No matter where you live, there are a million fun things to do if you let yourself think outside of the box.

Method 1
Making Stuff

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    Turn your old jeans into cutoffs. Tell your friends to bring over an old pair of jeans so you can all make cute cutoffs. To do make cutoffs, put on the jeans. Use a pencil to mark the cutoff point on either leg. Take off the pants and use a ruler to measure the cutoff point so it's exactly the same on both legs, then make a horizontal line where you want to cut. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the legs on a slight diagonal, so that the crotch is just slightly longer than the outside of the shorts.[1]
    • If you want to cuff your shorts, cut them an inch longer than your measured cutoff point.
    • When you mark your cutoff point, sit down to make sure it's not too short before you start cutting.
    • Hem the shorts or wash them without hemming if you like the frayed look.
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    Make scarves out of extra fabric. Tell your friends to bring an old maxi skirt or other piece of long material made out of pretty fabric. Lay out the fabric and use measuring tape and a pencil to draw a long rectangle in the shape of a scarf. Cut it out. Leave the edges raw for a pretty bohemian look, or hem the edges if you prefer a more finished appearance.
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    Make eternity friendship bracelets. Gather some pretty ribbon and beads. Have each friend thread beads onto a ribbon in a creative pattern. Tie knots on either side of the beads to hold them in place. Take turns tying the ribbons tightly around each other's wrists, and cut off the long ends. Swear to wear the bracelets until they naturally wear out and fall off. When someone's falls off, she can make a wish.
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    Make lip balm. Melt the ingredients below in a double boiler (or a small pot set inside a bigger pot of simmering water). When the ingredients are all melted together, pour the liquid into empty containers, like leftover tins from lip balm you've used up. Let the lip balm cool completely before you use it. Here's what you need to make enough for six small tins:
    • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
    • 1 tablespoon cocoa butter
    • 1 tablespoon beeswax
    • Optional: a chunk of lipstick (for color)
    • Optional: 5 to 10 drops of peppermint extract
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    Make chocolate truffles. Put a pound (16 ounces) of chocolate chips into a large, heatproof bowl. Heat a cup of heavy whipping cream until it's just about to boil (but don't let it start bubbling). pour it over the chocolate chips. Let it sit for a minute so the chocolate chips can melt, then stir until the mixture is smooth. Refrigerate for 45 minutes, until the mixture is firm. Use a spoon to scoop it into balls, then roll the balls in your favorite topping and store in the fridge until you want to eat them. Here are some yummy ideas for toppings:[2]
    • Cocoa powder
    • Crushed peanuts
    • Crushed M&Ms
    • Crushed peppermints
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    Make tortilla pizzas. Each friend gets her own large flour tortilla. Place them on a baking sheet. Top the tortillas with marinara sauce or pizza sauce. Add grated mozzarella and your favorite pizza toppings, like pepperoni, chopped onions, chopped mushrooms or chopped olives. Turn on the oven's broiler. Broil the pizzas for five minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and the toppings are golden brown. Remove from the oven, slice and enjoy.
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    Make chai lattes. Boil enough water to make a cup of tea for each friend. Place a chai tea bag in a mug for each person. Pour boiling water into the mugs. In a microwave-safe container, pour in 1/2 cup half and half for each serving. Stir in 1 teaspoon of sugar for each serving. Microwave this mixture for 30 seconds on high. Take it out of the microwave, pour it into a container with a tight-fitting lid, and shake it up until frothy. Remove the tea bags from the mugs and portion out the milk among them. Sprinkle cinnamon on top to finish.[3]

Method 2
Playing Games

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    Play truth or dare. To start the game, the first person to take a turn picks someone and asks "Truth or dare?" The girl called on has to pick one or the other. If the she picks truth, she has to answer a question about anything at all, like who she has a crush on or who she thinks is hot. If she picks dare, she have to complete a dare. Dares commonly involve kissing or pranking someone, depending on the darer's sense of humor.
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    Play paper telephone. For this game you need a large piece of paper, and everyone participating needs a pen or pencil. One person starts the game by writing a sentence at the top of the paper, then passing the paper to the next girl in the circle. That person reads the sentence, then draws a picture representing it right underneath. She then folds the top of the paper back so that the original sentence can't be seen and the picture is still visible before passing it to the next girl. The next girl writes a sentence describing the picture, folds the paper down to hide the picture, and passes it to someone else. The next person reads the sentence, draws a new picture, folds the paper down, and so on. It's like the game telephone, but with paper.[4]
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    Play "who am I?". Everyone sits around a table and gets a blank notecard. Each person writes down a random name, like Taylor Swift or Harry Potter, then turns her card face-down on the table so no one can see the name. The cards are passed to the left. Still without looking, each girl takes her new card and tapes it to her forehead with the name facing out. Each person gets to ask the group one "yes" or "no" question to get clues about what name is on the card. Keep taking turns asking one question a piece until someone is able to correctly guess the name on her card.
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    Play "never have I ever". Everyone sits in a circle and puts their hands out in front of them on the table or floor. One person starts by saying "Never have I ever," followed by something she has never done. For example, "Never have I ever flown in a helicopter." Anyone who has flown in a helicopter has to drop a finger. Now it's the next person's turn to come up with something she has never done, and so on around the circle. A player is out when she drops all ten fingers. The winner is the person still left in the game when everyone else has dropped out.
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    Play two truths and a lie. One person starts the game by saying three statements: two that are true and one that's a lie. Everyone gets to guess which one is the lie, and those who are right get a point. Go around the circle until everyone has had a turn telling two truths and a lie. The girl with the most correct guesses wins.

Method 3
Going Out

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    Bike to a coffee shop. If you can't drive yet (and even if you can), it's fun to bike to a cool local coffee shop. Bring along a game to play, or magazine full of fun quizzes you can do together while you drink some tasty coffee.
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    Play the mall game. If you like shopping but don't have a lot of money to spend, play the mall game with your friends. Go to the mall and have a contest to see who can collect the most free stuff, like free perfume samples and free makeup samples. Whoever collects the most after two hours wins.
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    Go to a diner and order milkshakes. When you don't have extra cash to take yourself out to a nice dinner, but you want to get out of the house with your friends, diners are your answer. Find a place that's open 24/7 and has cheap menu items you can all afford. You and your friends can hang out, gossip and get free coke refills for hours on end. Just don't forget to leave a tip.
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    Go to an art opening. Ready to try something mature and different? Get your friends to go to an art gallery opening. Look in your local alternative weekly newspaper for listings about upcoming openings. They're usually free, and you'll get a chance to see cutting edge art. If nothing else, it will give you and your friends something new to talk about at the diner later that night.
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    See a free play or concert. This is easiest in the summer, when parks host to all kinds of free outdoor events. Pack a picnic with your friends and take advantage of all the fun stuff your town has to offer.
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    Get cheap manicures. Get your friends together and treat yourselves to a $10 manicure in a real salon. Home makeovers are fun, but it's a little more exciting to get a professional manicure and choose from hundreds of different colors. Most towns have nail salons with manicure specials for $10 or so.
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    Go to a sporting event. Cheer on your school's sports teams, or save up to go to a college or pro game. If you like baseball, look for summer deals; you can often find cheap seats for just a few dollars (especially if you're seeing a team that needs as many spectators as possible to fill up the seats).
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    Go to a nature sanctuary. If you and your friends are outdoorsy types, explore the natural areas near where you live. Go to local beaches, state parks, waterfalls, and more. Some of the best conversations you'll have with friends might take place in nature, where you'll feel less inhibited and more carefree.


  • Remember that you and your friends are special. Just have fun, laugh as hard as you can, and make memories you can treasure forever!
  • Change things up a bit. Don't do the same things all the time.
  • Always be yourself. Don't change when your friends are around; act the same!
  • Be who you are because if your friends are true, then they will stay with you!
  • Just have fun and live in the moment! Do things that you all want to do.
  • Don't be quick to cut someone off because every one needs a second chance.


  • Be careful. Do not do anything you are not allowed to do.
  • The above are just ideas. You may follow them, but when conditions do not allow you to, you should refrain from doing the activity. For example, your friend's parents do not allow your friend to go out with you. You must accept that and try going out with another friend. Another example can be when your friend has a phobia of water. You should respect that fact and avoid having water activities with them. And, be careful when prank calling, it can be dangerous and can scare the person who you are calling.

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