How to Have Fun with Your Dog Outdoors

Two Methods:PreparationWhen Playing

Everyone enjoys playing with their pet dog outside on a nice day. If you would like some suggestions on having a good time with your dog outside, please continue reading.

Method 1

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    Buy some dog toys at a store. Consider asking some other dog owners or searching online what dog toys and brands work the best. Make sure not to get something that you think your dog will break in the first five minutes if your dog is strong or big. Also, make sure that you don't buy something too heavy for a small dog to carry in its mouth if you plan on playing fetch or tug-a-war with it. In other words, make sure the toy matches the size of your dog. This toy should be safe; ex: not a knife-like object. You may also want to make sure that the toy is meant for being played with outside. Consider buying a ball, frisbee, or whatever else you think your dog will like! Of course it should not be something hazardous to health.
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    Plan a couple of hours you can dedicate to playing with your dog. It is good to do this on a day when you have nothing important going on before or after you plan on playing with your dog, for you want to have as much as time to play with them as possible. If you are the type of person who is constantly busy throughout the week, consider scheduling this time on the weekend. Also, if you would like to bring a friend or a family member with you to enjoy playing with your dog, make sure they aren't busy during the couple of hours you set aside.
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    Find a wide, open area where your dog will be able to run free. Consider looking at a dog park, as these usually provide open areas. A regular park will work if your city doesn't have a dog park. If your dog is the type that feels the need to run away, you may want to do play with them in a fenced-in area. However, make sure the area is wide enough so they are able to run around. If you are still unable to locate a decent playing area, perhaps you should just play in your own backyard. Wherever you play, make sure there is an easy access to water. Dogs can get dehydrated, so never take any chances!
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    Prepare your dog for going outside. Don't play with your dog too much before your couple of hours together starts. This will wear out your dog before the fun even begins! Also, don't feed your dog before you plan on taking them outside to play. Usually dogs throw-up their food if they exercise too hard after eating, just like humans. So consider planning your play time during a time where your dog's food schedule won't be a conflict. However, it's alright to feed your dog a light snack before heading out, as your dog is less-likely to throw it up.
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    Have all the materials you will need if you are going to a park ready. If you plan on walking to the park with your dog, you will need to have a leash ready to take your dog with you. You may also need a muzzle if you believe your dog will need one for the walk. Also, put some plastic bags from a store in your pocket before leaving. You will need these in case your dog happens to 'go' in someone else's yard or at the park. If you would like to bring some gloves to put the droppings in the bag with, be sure to pack some with you in a bag or in your pockets. Finally, bring the dog's toys that you plan on using. Put these in a separate bag to carry or carry them yourself if your hands aren't already full.

Method 2
When Playing

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    Start off by walking around with your dog. Allow the dog to smell the area, use the bathroom, and just explore. Let them get familiar with the spot they will be spending the next couple of hours in. Walk around a little more than necessary to get warmed up if you chose not to walk to the park. This may help your dog feel more at ease with their surroundings. Also, if this is a dog park, consider letting your dog socialize with a couple of the other dogs if you would like.
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    Play a game of fetch with your dog. Throw a ball, frisbee, stick, etc. a long or short distance (depending on the type of dog you own) away from the area you are standing. Encourage your dog to chase after the object. Have the dog retrieve it and bring it back to you. Remember that not all dogs are able to play fetch for multiple reasons. This game works better on bigger dogs, for they are more prone to chasing things than littler dogs are. If you would like an extra twist to this game, consider throwing multiple objects for your dog to retrieve. Also, consider throwing the object into a large area of water, such as a lake, if your dog is capable of swimming. However, make sure the water is clean and trash-free, for you do not want your dog being harmed by the water.
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    Start a game of tug-of-war with your dog. You may play this using a stick or a rope. Have one end of the item in the mouth of your dog while you pull with your hands on the other end. This game works well on dogs who are strong and have a big mouth. If your dog is littler, remember to not pull as hard as you can. Also remember to try using a smaller, lighter rope to make this easier for your dog. You shouldn't use all of your force on any dog, though, for you may end up pulling out one of their teeth or injuring them. Dogs also feel good when they win things, so don't be afraid to lose the match.
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    Chase your dog around for a little while. Dogs usually prefer holding something in their mouth while you do this, so consider letting them have a ball, rope, stick, etc. to play with. Pretend that they have something you want, such as money, in their mouth to get yourself more into the game. Don't stop chasing them until you reach your goal! Remember once again that littler dogs cannot run as fast as some of the bigger dogs can, so don't run like this is a race. Of course, try not to walk, for this will make it less-fun for your dog.


  • Spend at least 2 hours or more with you dog a day. That way your dog will stay active and happy, and you will, too!
  • You don't have to play with your dog for exactly two hours, but try to play with them for a little more than five minutes.
  • When at a public place such as a dog park, always clean up after your dog.
  • Always make sure your dog is wearing a collar and is on a leash. It is very easy for your dog to run away if you're in an open area and the dog is without a leash.
  • Bring multiple dogs with you if you have more than one. This may make it more fun for you and your dogs!
  • Don't play tug-o-war with them too much because it teaches them to be aggressive.
  • It's not necessarily a good idea to chase your dog, because he may learn to run away from you when you are trying to get a hold of him in an emergency situation.
  • If you take your dog to a park you should use a leash. You don't want it to run away.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog
  • Dog toys
  • Area to play in
  • Plastic bags to hold droppings
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Bag to carry dog's items in (optional)
  • Water for dog
  • Leash/muzzle (optional)

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