How to Have Fun With Leaves

When raking leaves together in a pile, take advantage of creativity to inspire interest in a chore - it's a lot more fun if encouraged to make temporary designs or sculptures with the leaves before the leaves are bagged or composted. A great way to encourage enjoyment during the yearly leaf clearing chore, it could even become a yearly contest!


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    Start by gathering leaves together in a pile. As you are doing this, start thinking about what you want to make. Designs for the leaves might include:
    • Piling the leaves into animal shapes, such as a sleeping cat or a squatting frog
    • "Drawing" with the leaves. Use both the leaves and the ground that the leaves sit upon to create a portrait or a person or animal, a scene or a design. If you place the leaves on concrete, you will have gray contrasts; if on the grass, you'll have green contrasts etc. If you create your design on the sidewalk you could use chalk to sign your name by what you created or think of a name and write it
    • Making little animal homes and adding stuffed animals for a realistic sculpture
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    Use your hands and the leaf raking equipment to make your leaf sculpture or design. When you have all the leaves together, you can use your hands to create your animal or something else.
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    Finish up the design or sculpture. Ask your friends and family to have a look.
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    Take photos for memories. Very soon those leaves will be bagged or composted! Compare photos from year to year to see if your designs are improving. Make it a family or neighborhood tradition to get the leaves raked more quickly.
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    Send the leaves to their final destination. Bag or compost them and take a well-earned rest, happy in the knowledge that not only did you clear your garden of leaves but you had a lot of fun doing it.


  • If you'd really like to encourage the chore as fun method, hold a competition with siblings or friends to make the best leaf design or sculpture to add an element of excitement. To make it even more exciting (and to speed up the leaf raking), add a time limit to the competition!

Things You'll Need

  • Leaves
  • Gloves - to prevent blisters
  • At least one rake per person
  • Twigs for ears - optional
  • Paper cups for eyes - optional

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