How to Have Fun With a Reborn Baby Doll

Reborn dolls are expensive realistic collector baby dolls. They are a piece of art work made by hand every step of the way. These dolls should not be purchased for someone under 11 unless they are responsible enough to handle these dolls properly. They are not made to be used as a play doll.


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    Make them a bottle. There are many videos on YouTube on how to make a bottle you can use for your doll.
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    Make them a Pacifier. There are many videos on YouTube on how to make a Pacifier for your doll. If your doll does not have a magnet, no worries! You can make a putty pacifier for them.
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    Buy them things. You can spend how much money you want. You can go to good will, or to the mall. You don't have to spend a bunch of money. Buy clothes, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc.
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    Take them out in public with you if your comfortable doing so. It can be a very fun experience.
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    Get them a crib, car seat, bouncer, etc. You can even make your own home made crib. There are many videos on YouTube on how to make your own doll crib. You can even get regular doll cribs or hand made doll cribs made for Reborn dolls.
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    If you want to treat your doll real, then go for it! Not everyone does, but some people do.
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    Make a YouTube channel! A lot of people make videos of their Reborns/Realistic dolls on YouTube! Check into it.
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    Play around with them! Dress them, change their diaper, even give them a bottle.
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    Try to meet other reborn/realistic doll lovers! You can share your passion for this hobby. You can go to doll shows together, or just show off your dolls to each other! Having a friend with the same hobby makes this hobby more fun.
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    Check out Paradise Galleries, and Ashton Drake Galleries. You can even just get a Berenguer doll or a regular play doll. There are also toddler reborns and alternative punk reborn dolls. There are even silicone dolls. This hobby is endless, so do your research!


  • Do your research on these dolls.
  • Make sure you know how to properly care for them because these dolls are easily damaged.


  • Don't leave your doll in the car. The heat/cold can damage your doll. Also Police have broken into cars in the past thinking it's a real baby.
  • Don't submerge your doll in water. Look up videos on YouTube on how to properly clean your doll.
  • Handle your doll as if it was real.
  • If they have hair, look up the proper way to care for your dolls hair.
  • Keep your dolls away from any pets. Pets see these dolls as a nice chew toy.
  • If your doll has a magnet, make sure not to have the doll around anyone with a Pace Maker or around any electronics or credit cards.
  • Just do your research on how to properly care for your doll.
  • Don't buy these dolls for a little kid to use as a play doll.

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