How to Have Fun when You're Bored

Four Parts:Getting CreativeBettering YourselfTaking Advantage of EntertainmentSocializing with Others

Boredom happens to everyone. It's a sign of running out of ideas or waning interest in the activities you've been doing. If you've got nothing to do and want to change that, where do you start? Here are some tips to jump start your ideas!

Part 1
Getting Creative

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    Learn a new skill. There are countless pastimes to try and you never know when you’ll find a new skill that ignites your passion, or rediscover an old one that fell by the wayside. Plus, learning new skills keeps your brain healthy and your mind sharp.[1]
    • Rediscover subjects or activities you enjoyed in high school or college, such as a foreign language or photography. You may even have old textbooks or materials that can help get you started.
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    Draw or sketch. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and start doodling. You can do this with a variety of household items, such as pens, paper or napkins. In addition to keeping you from boredom, studies show that the act of drawing provides several health benefits, including reducing stress.[2] Drawing will help spark that creative mood and lead you to other creative endeavors.[3]
    • Coloring provides many of the health benefits drawing or sketching provides, in addition to being more accessible if you feel you can’t draw well. Many stores sell adult coloring books that provide complex patterns for the older artist.
    • Painting is a great creative outlet if you have the materials and time necessary. Painting allows you to work with color, which exercises different creative muscles than drawing.
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    Write. As with drawing, writing can boost your imagination. There are no limits and your imagination can be as free and crazy as you want. Try several genres to see which appeal to you most.
    • Write a book or short story. Working on a longer project will keep you occupied for a long period of time and ensures you always have something you could work on. There are writing events and communities available to offer you advice and keep you on track. [4]
    • Draw pictures to go with your story to combine several fun creative skills into one activity.
    • Write a letter. A handwritten letter shows a degree of effort and thought and can make a friend’s day, particularly if you haven’t seen them in a long time.
    • Find a pen pal. Writing to someone in a different country is a great way of understanding different cultures, and meeting new and interesting people.
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    Make a video or shoot photography. Film and photography are great creative endeavors that nearly everyone can start. Cell phone cameras are very powerful and have a host of editing software available to make editing a breeze. Post your creations on the internet and show all of your friends. There are numerous outlets for video and photography on the web, such as Instagram and Facebook.
    • Vlogging, gaming, and live streaming are a few video genres that are popular on the web.
    • If live streaming, buy the right equipment, such as a quality microphone and web camera. Large upload and download speeds for your Internet are also advised in order to achieve efficient uploading with a good picture quality.[5]
    • Look into video editing programs for more advanced videos. Some computers come built in with a few useful video editing programs.
    • Youtube, Twitch, and other similar video hosting sites can let you earn money for attracting an audience with your videos. Your new hobby could turn into your new career. [6]
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    Cook or eat something. Whether you are a novice or professional, you can always improve your cooking skills. Cook something you really enjoy buying when you go out to restaurants or give a new dish a try.
    • Pick up some cook books from the library or buy some at the book store for some ideas.
    • The Internet has plenty of websites dedicated to the art of cooking. Pick up a new recipe or upload your own to get feedback.

Part 2
Bettering Yourself

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    Read. Reading helps develop the mind and pulls you into another world. Some studies suggest that reading is a much healthier alternative to watching television and helps improve creativity and critical thinking skills.[7]
    • Choose a genre that you find exciting. Romance, thriller, non-fiction and supernatural are just a few of the options available. If you want to try a genre you are unfamiliar with, borrow a few books from the library to avoid paying for something you may not enjoy!
    • Read the news to help keep you abreast of the current world events and broaden your horizons.
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    Take a walk. Walking is a great way to get fit or just escape. There are countless interesting things to see and places to go no matter where you live. You don't always have to take a long walk either – sometimes a short stroll is just as fruitful. Walking on a regular basis also improves your mood, keeps you fit, and helps you get out in the world and socialize. [8]
    • Parks, pools, playgrounds or museums are just a few of the places that are within walking distance from most neighborhoods.
    • Pinpoint walking routes or places of interest to visit while on your walk with your phone's GPS app.
    • Be careful when walking in unfamiliar or dangerous areas of town. Plan ahead and lead others know where you are going.
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    Work out. It improves your health and you can have fun doing it. Working out helps your muscles and is helpful to your body in many ways. Some simple exercises you can do are jogging, pushups, stretching, or yoga. Look online or in exercise books to find fun and easy ways to work out.
    • Join a gym if you want to meet new people while working out. Gyms offer a trial period you can take advantage of to see if it’s a good fit.
    • Download an application that helps track your exercise or makes a “game” out of the activity. These apps may give you the nudge you need to start exercising and stay exercising. [9]
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    Change your style. Ask yourself on what you want to change. Your clothes? Hair? Shoes? You are in charge of your style.
    • Look through fashion magazines and websites for some inspiration in where to take your next look.
    • Invite a friend over to exchange fashion tips or suggestions. Or take a trip to the mall and do a little window shopping for a little visual help.
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    Sell something. Clean out your closet or attic and sell your old unwanted items. Not only will you take a trip down memory lane, but you can make some money at the same time.
    • Old toys, clothes, furniture and accessories are good options for clearing space from your house.
    • Use the internet to sell items. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist help connect you with those who want to buy your old items.
    • Social website such as Facebook have local community groups that can be used to sell your items to those in your neighborhood.
    • Donate your old items to charity if you can’t find a way to sell them. Good Will or other charitable organizations will gladly take your items, and you may be able to write off some donations for a tax break.[10]

Part 3
Taking Advantage of Entertainment

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    Go on the Internet. The Internet is a great way to fight boredom. You can check your social media, look for entertaining videos, or research local areas of interest.
    • The Internet is a great place to show off your creative endeavors, such as writing, painting or drawing.
    • Sign up for forums or other user groups that share similar interests to make new friends and exchange ideas.
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    Do some outdoor activities. This can be a great option when the weather is nice out. Look for your local recreational center to get some ideas.
    • You’ll find a lot of fun outdoor activities when you take regular walks, so get outside!
    • Check your neighborhood bulletin board if available to see a calendar of upcoming events. Outdoor concerts, wine tasting or hay rides are just a few of the local activities you might find in your neighborhood.
    • Visit local history. Your local historic district will have plaques and monuments on display highlighting important historic events that can offer an afternoon of education.
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    Play games. Play a video game on your cell phone or computer. Hundreds of games are available in a variety of genres.
    • Keep an eye out for game sales on the App Store or game service of your choice.
    • Purchase used games to save money. Games for video game consoles or the computer can be expensive.
    • Card games, Sudoku or jigsaw puzzles are also a great way of killing time while keeping your brain alert and healthy.[11]
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    Play with your pet. Dogs and cats are always up for some fun! Plus, owning a pet provides several health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, and plenty of opportunities for socialization. [12]
    • Take your dog (or cat) out for a walk. Both you and your pet will get exercise, and you’ll run into plenty of animal lovers who will love to come over and chat.
    • Teach your pet new tricks. Some pets love learning new tricks. Teaching them how to do something new provides a few long term goals for the both of you.
    • Take your pet to an animal park. These parks are designed to give the pet an open area to play, and their owners a place to socialize. Check your state website for a list of parks and their locations.

Part 4
Socializing with Others

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    Phone or text your friends. Give your friends a call or send them a text to chat without needing to see them in person.
    • Set up a group chat and add several friends’ phone number to the contact list. Text is a great way of contacting everyone at once if you are setting up a time to hang out.
    • Give your parents or siblings a call to see how they’ve been. Family members are friends too! Ask about your extended family and see if there are any family events being planned that you can attend.
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    Invite some friends over. It is always easier to come up with fun ideas to do once everyone is together. You can have fun at home or go out and find something to do.
    • Head to a restaurant. Getting food is a fun and important social experience that brings people together and strengthens social ties. Just make sure everyone puts down the cell phone. [13]
    • Let everyone have some input. Just because you arranged the hang out doesn’t mean that you own the floor. Find out what sounds agreeable for everyone and come to a consensus on what to do next.
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    Join an activity group. There are a variety of different activity groups you can join with your friends. Fitness, martial arts, dance and drama are a few examples of social clubs present in many cities. These groups are a great way to meet new people.
    • Sign up for online communities such as Meetup, Tribe, and Picatic to find existing communities located close to your area.
    • Clubs exist even for activities which are considered solo activities, such as reading or painting. You can get together to discuss the reading or share techniques.
    • College is a great place to join a club and meet people to hang out with on a regular basis.
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    Go to a party. See if one of your friends knows of any upcoming parties and if others are invited. Or you can hold your own – invite your friends and let them invite friends of theirs.
    • Make sure you party responsibly. Don’t get too carried away and respect the environment if you aren’t holding the party.
    • If you are hosting the party, set some rules for the party guests to keep things from getting out of control. For example, set a drink limit or make sure they have a safe way home if they plan on drinking. [14]
    • Use a taxi service such as Uber or Lyft if you need to get home from a party, but don’t have a designated driver who can give you a ride.
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    Go on a long or short journey, trip, or adventure. Jump in the car and go for a road trip, or take a long hike at a nearby nature reserve. Even the mall can make for a fun, short trip.
    • Make sure everyone has enough time to see the trip through from start to finish.
    • If taking a longer trip or road trip, make sure you have enough money and supplies to last the expected time the trip will last, as well as an emergency stash just in case.
    • Plan ahead. The more complicated the trip, the more research you should perform ahead of time. Plan a general route and take note of important stops such as gas stations, hotels and hospitals. [15]
    • Let others close to you know where you are going if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time.


  • Listen to music. The right kind of music can put you in the perfect mood for a particular activity.
  • Get crafty and redecorate your room! Spring cleaning gives a feeling of clarity.
  • Catch up on homework/ housework if you are bored and can think of nothing more fun to do. It always helps to get ahead.
  • Write a list of different things you could do for future reference.


  • Make sure you make the right friends. If they smoke, drink or do drugs, there's a high chance you'll get caught up in doing the same things.
  • Be responsible. Make sure you're aware of what you're doing and your parents are okay with whatever you're up to, if applicable.

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