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wikiHow is a fun, time-passing site. It's a great place to increase your confidence, improve your skills, reach a bigger vocabulary, etc. There are also plenty of fun things to do such as the Community Dashboard, forums, and you can even become a New Article Booster or Welcomer if you want to get around more. It's a great place to increase your confidence and improve your skills. Here are a few exciting things to do:


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    Create an account. With an officially signed up account on wikiHow you can access the full features. Make sure to choose a unique username and to follow the rules of choosing a username. Also create a strong password and to write it down somewhere so you don't forget it.
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    Set up a your user page. Set yourself up an avatar that identifies you and your interests or set up a description about you and what you like to do. You can also edit your talk page and profile page, but you might want to do that after you've got the hang of wikiHow.
    • To edit your profile page there should be an edit tab to the right of your profile picture. To edit your profile picture there should be an edit tab under your profile picture.
    • You can also look up articles about wikiHow, which can be found at Category:WikiHow. Or you can ask the help team page.
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    Visit the Community Dashboard. This should be located on the drop-down menu of the Explore button. The Community Dashboard has plenty of activities to choose from where you can spell-check, categorize and edit articles of different categories.
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    Edit some articles. Find a topic of interest or click on Random Article at the upper right of any page. Everyone has something to offer on just about any page. You might want to add more steps or correct some bad grammar/punctuation.
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    Welcome new users. Before you welcome new users be sure to read Welcome New wikiHow Users first for guidance. Anyone can welcome new users, and it's a friendly way to meet the community. You're able to quickly tell whether a user is new by looking at their profile page which should say somewhere at the top how many days they have been on wikiHow. If someone has already welcomed that user, don't be scared to welcome them again.
    • Think positive and never negative. You want the users to feel welcome and not uncomfortable so never criticize their edits or articles. Instead point out how good they're doing and tell them what else they should try out around wikiHow.
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    Visit wikiHows forums. This is located under the explore drop-down menu tab. Forums are where you can chat to other users, play fun games, request new categories, check out updates on the wikiHow team and collaborate more.
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    Write a new article. You don't need to know a lot about a specific topic to write about it, but it's good if you at least have some experience. Research about that topic online and then get started by clicking on the help us button and click write an article on the drop-down menu.
    • First put in a title for your article such as Bake a Cake. You won't need to add the how to to the title for it will automatically write it in for you: such as instead of How to Eat Icecream just put in Eat Icecream. Make sure the letters have capitals too except for words like 'a, on, at, the, for'.
    • Now put in an introduction which will engage the viewers to want to read your article such as Baking a cake is easy and fun, and the kids can get involved too! If you're interested in baking a cake, continue reading this step-by-step article on wikiHow!.
    • Create steps. The steps should always start with a verb and never with now, next, first etc. Make sure the first sentence is short and then the second sentence goes into detail.
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    Join a wikiHow team. Be sure you have the experience and time. There's always something to be done.
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    Browse wikiHow. Take time to read the most popular articles, browse the categories or click from one link to another. You never know what you'll find.
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    Discover the chat rooms. Freely converse with your new friends in the General Chat forum or the IRC chatroom. There's always a fun topic or game.
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    Try helping out around wikiHow. We always need help to patrol Recent Changes. Welcome a few new editors.
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    Try an activity you enjoy doing or have never done before. Expand articles and try saving articles from deletion.
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    Work towards becoming a booster, Admin, or a welcomer. This will give you access to new tools, and you may like doing that activity.


  • Ask questions frequently. Everyone has a different level of experience. Someone is sure to have an answer and everyone on wikiHow are more than happy to help.

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