How to Have Fun if You're Home Alone

Eight Methods:Get EnergizedEntertain YourselfBe a Creative FunsterDo Stuff That Has Good ResultsFitting in Some Fashion FunGet Yourself All Safe and CozyHave Fun with FoodBe Useful

Whatever the reason may be, sometimes you can find yourself left at home on your own with nothing to keep you occupied. Here are a few steps you can follow if you find yourself in that situation.

Method 1
Get Energized

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    Pump up the jam! Don't be afraid to turn your music all the way up. After all, no one is home to complain. As long as you don't disturb your neighbors if you have any, then there is no worry in pumping up the jam and having a little fun!
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    Explore your house. Play spy with some friends. If you have a video camera, make movies or YouTube videos. If you have two or three floors to your house, you can film in different parts of your home and make a story line to your video. Play hide and seek with a friend you invited over.
    • This is for people with bigger houses then usual because if you have a smaller house, you won't have much to do.
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    Get up and exercise. Laying in bed or sitting in a chair all day is extremely boring. Go outside in your backyard and run around, jump rope, or swim in your pool (if you have one and the weather is nice). Or, stay inside and, with lots of space around you, do some cardio, pilates, or yoga. Research some new dance moves to try, or find a work-out routine.

Method 2
Entertain Yourself

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    Plan some good TV shows or movies to watch. Surf a few channels to find good shows or plan out movies beforehand that you can watch at home.
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    Listen to some music. This is a good time to turn it up loud and really enjoy it. Just don't turn it up so loud that the neighbors can hear it because they will almost certainly complain.
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    Use the computer. Take the time to surf the net and look at sites you're interested in. Try looking on YouTube or even wikiHow for some interesting things to do.
    • Play online or PC games.
    • Draw things on the computer. Print them out and color or paint them.
    • Go on Pinterest or similar sites and make photo boards of things you like.
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    Sing Karaoke. You can sing really loudly if you'd like.
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    Take your own time of luxury bathing and brushing your teeth. Look into the mirror to get answers on what your skin needs. Apply moisturizer/lotion, make-up to make it look good. Wear your favorite pairs of clothes that you haven't worn for a very long time.

Method 3
Be a Creative Funster

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    Read something new. Grab a book you've been dying to read for years and read it.
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    Think of things you would buy if you had a million dollars.
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    Search comics that you like
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    Look at an object for as long as you can. Doing that will give you time to think up some things to say.
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    Rate passers-by. It is fun to look out the window and rate people that walk past your house by their hair, clothes, shoes and other accessories. See that man with the big black hat and trench coat? 5 stars! What about the women in the dress with the make-up? Um... 3 stars.
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    Do a craft. Make something for your family. Look online for inspiration and make use of things already in the house.
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    Homework. Make sure all your homework is done so you don't need to do it when your parents get home .
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    Reflect. Analyze yourself and reach back. Get the photo album. You will smile when you check out your memories. The next thing to be done is to call-up that family member/friend that you haven't talked to in a long time.

Method 4
Do Stuff That Has Good Results

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    Don't be bored. The best thing about being alone is having fun. Do a craft, prepare lunch or dinner, call a friend. Nobody's looking when you're alone, so just be yourself, do what you want, and express yourself and your passions freely without anyone's criticism. Don't waste this free time you have right now!
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    Go shopping. Find out which stores or attractions are within walking distance. If you do not feel safe leaving your home by yourself, have a friend go with you. However, make sure your parents are fine with you going outside. If not, just look through your wardrobe and see what clothes you can mix and match to create new outfits!
    • Make sure your family knows where you're going if you go out, or what you're doing. Always give them your friend's number in case your cell phone dies, you don't have service, or it breaks. Always keep your parents informed.
    • If you're not allowed to leave the house, shop online. Only buy things if you're allowed to. Otherwise, just keep a note of things you like and ask if you can have them later.
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    • Nap. Let your mind relax completely and zone right out.
    • Sit down on the couch, relax, do nothing and think back on what all you have done.
    • Treat yourself the best way by visiting a parlor to get a facial or a haircut.
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    Go to a friend's house nearby. However, always call your parents and make sure they are fine with that.

Method 5
Fitting in Some Fashion Fun

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    Try on all of your clothes. If you are a girl or a boy, you have a lot of clothes right? Well if it is a weekend, find some new outfits to wear to school the next week.
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    Practice putting on makeup.

Method 6
Get Yourself All Safe and Cozy

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    Lock the doors to your home. If you are home alone, you can be seen as quite vulnerable so make sure you lock the doors to keep yourself safe. This also applies to any windows or entrances that could allow anyone into the house.
    • Have your parents' or guardians' phone numbers for wherever they are, in case you need to call them quickly.
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    Prepare a "comfy zone." Gather pillows and duvets in a pile and just relax and chill. If you are feeling more creative and energetic, you could also create a tent. Also bring your computer, cell phone, or anything else you may want to make this comfy zone supreme. You can also combine this with other steps such as reading a book or watching TV.
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    Make a safety kit that you could in case of a fire, or earthquake. Pack foods, but then change them every once in a while, because they will go bad. Also gather band-aids, wipes, clothes, socks, a blanket, and whatever you think you might need in an emergency.

Method 7
Have Fun with Food

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    Gather some healthy food. Eating can help to keep you occupied, especially if you're doing something simple like watching TV.
    • Some ideas for snack foods include apples, bananas, crackers, yogurts, Jello or sandwiches.
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    Cook. If you like cooking, then cook a good meal; experiment. If you do not like the idea of heating up, then make a quick sandwich or order food. You could prepare a meal for when everyone comes back home. That way, your time alone will be immersed in cooking and baking and you won't even notice the time flying by.
    • Be careful when cooking. Only cook things you are capable of doing. Handle all hot items with extreme care, using oven mitts, etc. Watch boiling water and liquids; they can easily boil over and are scalding hot if you spill them.
    • Keep an eye on anything left in an oven. Always remember to set a timer and turn the oven off when the food is cooked.
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    Set up the dinner table. Make it all nice and neat. Throw a nice dinner party. Invite friends and family members over.
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    Have a snack. Don't have the whole bag of chips though. You know you shouldn't. After you have had a small snack and if your still hungry, have a small lunch like mac n' cheese or leftovers.

Method 8
Be Useful

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    Complete your pending work. This could be anything from cleaning your wardrobe, washing up your car, visiting bank up to grocery shopping. At the end of the day, you will be satisfied for the tasks completed.
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    Get your homework done. It may not be interesting or engaging but if you get it over with now, you will have plenty of time to do more interesting things later. Plus, if you turn it in early, you might get some extra credit!
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    Decide to be helpful. Think of what needs to be done around the house, and surprise your family with your helpfulness. Sweep the closet, sort the towels, clean out the cat box, put the toys away, or maybe even organize your drawer.
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    Clean. Either you sweep, do the dishes, or make your bed, you are cleaning up. Try vacuuming or cleaning your room. Organize your desk. Dust. Fold the laundry/ do your own. Organize the coffee table. Organize the fridge or pantry. Your parents will not only love you for it when they get home, but you will be cleaning for your own good too. Your room will be cleaner. .
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    Look for that item you've lost for weeks! You have lots of time in your hands, so this might be a good way to spend it. If you find the item, you'll be stoked.
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    Show your parents that you can be responsible on your own and they may let you stay home alone more often. The more trustworthy you are, the more privileges they will bestow upon you!
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    Give a happy surprise to your family or friends. You could do this by getting them gifts, making a favorite snack or getting some other task completed by the time they come home.


  • Throwing a party can be messy. Don't do anything without your parents' permission or a drive to keep your home clean.
  • Learn a recipe, then make the dish.If you like the results, you can use it in the future.
  • When you're bored, you can easily overeat because you feel you have nothing better to do than snack. If you start to feel yourself gravitating towards the pantry again, pour yourself a glass of water. If you're still hungry after, grab a small, healthy snack (granola bar, apple, yogurt) instead of chips or candy.Give yourself at least half an hour. If you're still hungry, fix yourself a small meal like macaroni and cheese, or that leftover pizza from last night.
  • Don't use the oven without getting your parents' permission.
  • Bake something and add your own cool twist to it.
  • Build a fort, or take the dog on a walk! Make sure it's ok with your parents before you do something outside of the house though.
  • Watch a movie that you haven't seen in ages, or if you have a cell phone, play games on it. Ask parents before downloading anything.
  • Play with your pet(s), if you have one or more.
  • Take a jog.
  • If you have siblings and want to mess around or prank them, this would be a great time to set a prank up.
  • Pretend to be a spy and write down everything that you see and do.
  • Be an app tester and test apps.
  • Make something creative! Find paper, glue, and maybe some paint.


  • Do not answer the door to strangers.
  • Don't do anything you wouldn't do if your parents were there. This may include a massive party, playing with fire, etc.
  • Don't eat so much food or else you will get sick.
  • Don't do anything without your parent's permission.

Things You'll Need

  • Blankets, pillows, or comfortable furniture
  • Junk food - chocolate, ice-cream, soft drink, popcorn, ...
  • A computer
  • Magazines and/or books
  • A TV or laptop to watch movies on
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Food
  • Phone or cellphone (to call friends or for emergencies)
  • Work

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