How to Have Fun at a UH Warrior Football Game

If you're on Oahu, Hawaii between late September/early August through late December, try come out to Aloha Stadium and experience a unique, Pacific region way to enjoy a college football game.


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    Know that if you want good or decent parking, you need to be getting a parking lot spot as early as 3 pm; locals are tailgater lovers. If it's a popular or important game, some lots fill up as early as noon. Games start anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.
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    Be sure to get a newspaper brochure (two if you wish to keep one as a souvenir) at the front gates. This is to create streamers and confetti; the seats and floors are usually covered with it at the end of the game, not to mention the field can be drizzled with newspaper, depending on the wind and the amount of confetti is being thrown. More confetti is made when UH plays a rival team.
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    Get your seat or at least have a view of the field 15 minutes prior to the kickoff. The University of Hawaii Warriors are known for their "Ha'a" or ritual dance before every game. Before kick off, the national anthem and the state song, "Hawai'i Pono'i", is sung.
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    Watch a couple of UH students run to the touchdown line and complete push ups after every touchdown as one of the male cheerleaders run around the stadium with the UH flag. Also, periodically throughout the game, there's a color race game on the screen. People usually pick their color (red, blue, green, or yellow) and see if their color circle wins. This is just fun among fans, but actually the winning color represents the color section of the stadium and determines a random seat number for a prize.
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    Participate in the stadium wave. The wave usually takes place during time-outs and other "time killer" breaks. They start out from the sidelines, where people can encourage others to join and continue at least halfway to two thirds around the stadium before it dies out. The wave is repeated until the game resumes or if people seem uninterested at the time.
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    Have respect and stay in your seats until the clock runs out. You may see streams of people start walking out during the 4th quarter, especially when the point spreader is high. If you didn't catch the "Ha'a" before the game, the Warriors usually repeat it after the game as well.


  • If you take or want to take the city bus to Aloha Stadium, there are special city buses called "Football Express". There are specific locations and pickup/drop-off times throughout the island. For the post-game, the buses are located at the front gate 1/2 hour prior to the end of the game.
  • There is a section of people on the sidelines that call themselves "Manoa Maniacs". These people hype up along with the cheerleaders. The Manoa Maniacs are also seen on TV, for example ESPN, due to their high UH Warrior spirit and behavior.
  • Please keep your ticket with you at all times; the ushers check if the sections match with the ticket.
  • The smoking law prohibits smoking within the stadium's boundaries. You need to be at the edge of the indoor perimeter by the gates or in the parking lots.
  • If you want to support the UH Warriors, try wear a green shirt. If you can't, white, black or silver is fine.


  • Please follow all Aloha Stadium regulations. Bags are checked upon entry, if necessary.
  • Tickets are no longer ripped (like movie tickets/stubs) as they now have electronic scanners. Once a ticket has been scanned, it can't be used/scanned again.

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