How to Have Fun and Take Care of a Baby Doll

Five Parts:In The MorningIn The AfternoonIn The EveningChoosing a BabysitterKeeping the Doll Clean

Care for and have fun with your baby doll by spending time together. This article explains how to treat your baby doll and take good care of it throughout the different parts of the day.


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    Name your doll something cute and lovable. Do a "today" name like Olivia or a "yesterday" name like Abigail.
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    Get clothes for your doll. You could buy the clothes or you can make your own.
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    Make the baby doll comfortable when you first get it. Let it sleep with you for a week or so. Love it so that it can feel happy and loved.

Part 1
In The Morning

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    Wake your bundle of joy gently. A light shake will do it. Try and whisper something to it like, "Good morning sweetie, time to get up and start the day."
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    Feed it a bottle or some mushy food. This is its breakfast, the most important meal of the day, right!
    • If it refuses to eat, try and feed it later. It might not be hungry.
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    Rock it in your arms and burp it. Since it just ate, slowly rock the baby doll to comfort it. Then when its food digests, you may burp it if gassy.
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    Change its diaper. Take off its old one, clean it up, and put a new one back on. You know the drill.
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    Get it dressed. Pick out a cute, comfy outfit that it likes. If you want, take a picture of it in the adorable little outfit.
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    Start the day. Decide what you going to do with your doll that day. Take your doll places as if it were a part of the family. Take it on picnics or walks, to the grocery store, or a relative's house. If you are going somewhere you can't take your baby to, ask a friend, older sister, or even a grown-up or teenager doll (or even teddy bear) to babysit.

Part 2
In The Afternoon

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    Play with your doll. Get out your toys and let it mess around. It'll have a great time! Take lots of pictures.
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    Feed it some lunch. Once again, it can be a bottle, or some mushy food if it's 10 months or older.
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    Change its diaper again. You know the drill.
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    Have cuddle time. Snuggle with your doll on the couch and talk to it. Bring a small book to read or a toy to play with.
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    Go outside. Don't forget to put on its sunscreen. If possible, go to the park and push it on the baby swings, go down the slide with it, or teach it how to climb a ladder. If you can't, bring out a small ball and watch it have a blast.
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    Let it nap. Your cutie pie must be exhausted from all that fun, it's nap time. Lay it in its crib and let it fall asleep. If it's having trouble, rock it in your arms before you put it in the crib.

Part 3
In The Evening

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    Feed it dinner. Perhaps a small bottle should do it.
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    Bathe the doll. Pretend to put it in the bathtub and use fake shampoo and body wash.
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    Change its diaper.
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    Read it a bedtime story. Choose a fairy tale or make something up.
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    Sing the doll a lullaby. Rock the doll in your arms and sing a soft song to your sensational sweetheart.
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    Put the doll to bed. Now that it's knocked out cold in your arms, gently lay it down in its crib and kiss it goodnight.

Part 4
Choosing a Babysitter

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    If you are lucky enough to have multiple babysitter choices, you have to choose one just like a real parent. First set up a time when each potential employee can come and be interviewed.
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    Usually, these people would not do anything wrong to a baby doll. But, you must still compare your options in both sitter experience and cost, if there is a cost. If one has real baby experience, but the other only has baby doll experience, does that matter? Choose the one with only baby doll experience, unless her services cost significantly more then the other.
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    If you suspect a sitter is bad, trust your gut. It's safest for you and your baby doll.
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    Do this same thing when choosing a doctor for her. Medications for sicknesses can usually be cured at home but check-ups can't happen at home. If a friend has baby doll or toy health experience you could ask her.

Part 5
Keeping the Doll Clean

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    Clean the doll. If your doll gets dirty, do not put it in the bath tub. Instead, use baking soda. Use a damp wash cloth and rub on the powder. Then use a dry towel to wipe it all off.[citation needed]
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    If the doll came from a thrift store and you want to disinfect her (you never know how much dirt and baby slobber could have gotten on her), try this trick. Undress your doll. Take a baby wipe, and put some disinfecting hand sanitizer on it. Rub it in, then rub this wipe all over your doll until she is slightly wet all over. Let her dry (it should only take a few minutes) then dress her.


  • Pretend to make homemade baby food or give it a nap time.
  • You could make a bed with a pillow and old towel.
  • Make sure feed it every couple hours.
  • You can make clothes out of different materials for it. That is fun for you and the doll.
  • Another fun thing to do is play school with you as the teacher. Get your friends, cousins, siblings etc. to find a baby doll and you can play mothers.
  • If you have a swing set, you can pretend it's a park.


  • Do not get the cloth part of your baby doll wet unless it is vinyl.

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