How to Have Fun Alone

Six Methods:Learning to Love Your Alone TimeGetting ArtisticPampering YourselfFocusing on Self-ImprovementGetting ActiveEntertaining Yourself

Are you faced with lots of time to yourself? Great! There are plenty of ways to use your free time, from cultivating your creativity to giving into some unabashed self-indulgence. Read on for inventive ideas of how to take advantage of that precious “me” time.

Method 1
Learning to Love Your Alone Time

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    Enjoy the freedom. To use your alone time to its fullest, you need to begin by embracing it. Learn to love the benefits being alone brings and resolve yourself to have a positive attitude about it.
    • Embrace being able to do, say, think, or act however you want. When you’re by yourself, you don’t have to worry about the thoughts or judgments of others. You can be utterly and unabashedly yourself and never think twice about what someone else might think or say.
    • Love the independence that comes with having time to yourself. You don’t have to take anyone else’s tastes, preferences, or desires into account when making your decisions. If you want to watch terrible reality television, no one can whine about it or beg you to change the channel. If you want to go for an extra-long walk or jog, no one can complain about how long you were out or hijack your plans.
    • Savor not having to look good for anyone. If you want to spend all day in your pajamas with messy hair and unbrushed teeth, do it! No one will be the wiser and no one can look at sideways at your unicorn slippers.[1]
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    Revel in the lack of awkwardness. Being around people usually means enduring at least some degree of awkwardness some of the time.
    • Being alone, on the other hand, means never having to dodge awkward questions about your dating life or listen to someone tell you all about their cat’s agoraphobia.[2]
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    Love yourself and all your quirks. Having time to yourself gives you the chance to step back from all the frantic activity of daily life and interactions. You have time to actually be with yourself--and appreciate your own company.
    • To fully enjoy your time alone, decide to let yourself truly be who you are. Embrace your quirks--talk to yourself, talk to your chair, do a weird dance while you brush your teeth, slide rather than walk whenever possible, etc. And then take time to really appreciate what an awesome and unique person you are.[3]
    • Start defining yourself by your own unique qualities rather than by your relationships or other people’s opinions. Being alone gives you the chance to really consider yourself for who you are, apart from other people.[4]
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    Appreciate small things. Another big part of enjoying your alone time is starting to notice and appreciate small things in your life. Being away from the distractions of others lets you pay attention to small details you might otherwise overlook or forget to notice.[5]
    • Take time to look around you. Notice as many small, fine details as you can. Be aware of the small things that bring you pleasure and then take a moment to really absorb and enjoy that pleasure.
    • Be observant of yourself. Pay attention to small shifts in your mood, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Try to pinpoint what led to that shift and how it affected you physically and emotionally. As you get more tuned in to yourself and what makes you tick, you’ll start to gain insights into yourself you may have never realized before.

Method 2
Getting Artistic

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    Start a blog. It could be about your favorite movies, games, bands, books, computers, celebrities--anything that piques your interest. Do a search for “free blogging platforms,” choose a design that fits with the theme of your blog, and come up with a creative title.[6]
    • If your blog features content that’s fun to gather and write, chances are it will be fun for others to read. Put a link to your first post on Facebook so your friends can leave comments.
    • The great thing about starting a blog is that it can provide endless amounts of entertainment. Update it with new posts every time you find yourself with some time to spare.
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    Experiment in the kitchen. There’s no pressure to make something perfect, since you’re only cooking for one.[7]
    • Make a recipe you’ve always wanted to try or cook up something simple and satisfying like an omelette or pasta alfredo.[8]
    • Try creating your own unique dish without using a recipe at all. Start with a base like pasta or rice and add in your favorite ingredients or things you’ve wanted to try, like kale, tomatillos, buffalo meat, or chia seeds.
    • Try making a single chocolate chip cookie and savor the chance to make a cookie that’s only for you.
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    Make a painting or a drawing. Go to a craft store and buy a few supplies or just use pencil and paper that you have around the house.
    • If you aren’t artistically inclined, get a paint-by-number set. They’re fun and satisfying to complete, and when you’re done you’ll have a new decoration for your room.
    • Make a comic strip or a web comic. Use yourself, celebrities, family, or friends as inspiration for the characters. You can make your comic artistically detailed or use messy stick figures. Put them into funny and ridiculous situations, and then show them to your friends.
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    Make a scrapbook. If you have boxes full of photographs, ticket stubs, restaurant menus, and other random knick-knacks, take some time to make a scrapbook.
    • Buy a blank scrapbook from an art store or a drugstore.
    • Lay out the items you want to save by date and category.
    • Arrange the items artfully and then paste them into the scrapbook.
    • Consider adding witty or sentimental captions.
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    Write a book. The time may never come again when you will have such perfect loneliness--so make the most of it. The silence may help you concentrate. If writing a book seems like too much to take on, try something smaller but equally expressive:
    • Write a journal entry or start a new journal.
    • Write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a long time.
    • Make a list of your goals for the next month or year.

Method 3
Pampering Yourself

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    Take yourself out for a meal. There’s no reason to be shy about going out to eat alone. In fact, it can be pretty nice to go wherever you want, order whatever you want, drink whatever you want, and have a whole table to yourself.[9]
    • If you feel like being a bit social, sit at the bar to eat. People sitting at the bar tend to be friendlier and more open--and to have better stories.[10]
    • Go to one of your favorite restaurants and order the meal you’ve been craving. Bring a book along if you’d like, or enjoy your meal while people-watching.
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    Take a long bath or shower. If your house is usually full of people waiting to use the bathroom, take this time to spend as long as you want in the bathroom. Use all of your favorite bath and body products.
    • Draw a bath and pour in some bubble bath or your favorite essential oil. Light candles, turn on music, and allow yourself to relax or have a leisurely shower.
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    Get your nails done. Make an appointment at a salon or walk in for a spur-of-the-moment treat.
    • If you don’t want to spend money on a manicure, give yourself one at home. Don’t just paint your nails, give yourself the works: file your nails, soak them, and use several coats of polish. If you still have time and supplies left over, give yourself a pedicure, too.
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    Get some sleep. Having time all to yourself offers a great opportunity for sleep--take advantage!
    • Indulge in an afternoon nap, or go to bed as early as you want.
    • If you’re alone in the morning, sleep in or wake up make breakfast and go back to bed, breakfast in bed!

Method 4
Focusing on Self-Improvement

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    Catch up on responsibilities. The best thing about "me time" is that you're not going to have any interruptions. Catch up on school work, study for an upcoming test, clean your room, get your finances squared away, etc. Use this time to your advantage.[11]
    • Reorganizing a room can be a lot of fun. Once everything is clean, rearrange the furniture to give the room a new look. Put up new decorations to freshen things up.
    • Create a new color-coded filing system to organize your papers, or make a calendar and fill it in with all your plans for the next few months.
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    Learn a new skill. If you make time to practice a skill every time you’re alone, you may end up getting quite good at it.[12]
    • Is there a guitar lying around the house or a piano that rarely gets played? Put it to use!
    • Try your hand at logic games and puzzles. There are plenty to choose from online and a number of logic puzzle apps available for smartphones.
    • Or you could get a little retro with a Rubik’s Cube and work your way towards genius.
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    Take a class. Learn a skill you’ve always wanted to develop or find a topic you’re curious about and take a class on it.
    • Many free and low-cost classes are available online as well as at many community centers.
    • Free courses often don’t require any homework or tests, so if the grading part of taking a class puts you off, take one where you don’t have to worry about it.
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    Call someone you haven't talked to in a while. Catch up on phone calls to your relatives and friends who live in other places.[13]
    • Email or text them if you don’t want to make a phone call. Having time alone is a great opportunity to reconnect with people you’ve fallen out of touch with.
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    Meditate or simply take some time to think. Having time to yourself away from other distractions allows you to slow down and turn inward--giving you a perfect chance to let yourself do some quiet reflecting.[14]
    • Think through decisions that have been weighing on you lately. What are the pros and cons of the options before you? Write them down if that helps you sort through your thoughts.
    • Use your imagination. Go to a different place in your head and imagine a different world. Allow yourself to daydream. You may even come up with a great new idea for a story or a blog post.
    • Meditate. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and pay attention to the sounds, smells, and sensations around you. Let your mind go blank and concentrate on your breathing.

Method 5
Getting Active

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    Go outside and enjoy nature. A solo walk or hike allows you to observe nature without any distractions, and you may be surprised by how enjoyable some alone time in nature can be.[15]
    • Visit a nearby park, lake, river, or nature preserve, especially if you’ve never been before. Take a picnic!
    • Go for a bike ride. There’s a surprising freedom in seeing the world from the seat of a bike. Find a quiet, scenic place or look up bike trails in your area and go explore.
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    Exercise. You’ve got time to yourself, so use it to get in shape. It’s an excellent way to pass the time while also improving your overall physical and mental well-being.[16]
    • Jog around the neighborhood or do a bit of running on the treadmill.
    • Look online for exercise videos, like yoga or pilates, and follow along with the instructor.
    • Turn on some music and dance in front of the mirror. Better yet, make up a dance, and teach it to your friends and family later.
    • Take up a sport you’ve never played before. Research the equipment you’ll need and find local clubs or teams you can join.
    • Join a gym. Going to the gym will help keep you fit while also giving you a social outlet.
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    Have an adventure. You’re beholden to no one, so find a spot on the map where you’ve never been and go there![17]
    • Drive to the beach and spend your day getting a tan or swimming.
    • Drive to a town you’ve never seen or visit a park you’ve never been to. Take pictures so you can show people later.
    • Go fishing and catch some fish to show people or try cooking and eating what you catch.

Method 6
Entertaining Yourself

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    Consume loads of your favorite media--especially the guilty pleasures. Have a movie night with all your favorite movies, read a stack of books and magazines back to back, or relax with your favorite TV-show marathon.
    • Make a movie/TV/music night. Pick a theme and make your own marathon around that theme, like werewolves, 80s heartthrobs, Broadway musicals, or whatever entertains you.
    • After you’ve indulged in all your favorites, start researching new bands, movies, and TV shows to try. Check out music blogs and podcasts, see what Spotify or Pandora recommends, or seek out the under-explored corners of Netflix.
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    Get gaming. If you’re not a gamer, give it a try. If you’re already a gamer, broaden your horizons.
    • Try playing a new video game or seeking a new video game store. Look for older or lesser-known titles in thrift stores or online.
    • Set up a video game tournament if you have the supplies--many platforms allow for cooperative virtual gaming, so if your friends aren’t around, you can play with new and different people from around the world.
    • Try new types of non-video games, like role playing games, (Live Action Role Playing), etc.
    • Revert back to your childhood self and bring out your favorite old board games. But what if you need multiple players? You can play for all of the players! Compete against yourself and take joy in knowing that you’ll win no matter what.
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    Reminisce. Get out your old photo albums, scrapbooks, and yearbooks and spend some time reminiscing about old times.
    • You may even be inspired to look up old friends or family members with whom you’ve lost touch. If you are, go on an information hunt and see if you can track them down.
    • Use the memories that come back to you as inspiration--write them down into short stories, autobiographical snippets, blog posts, comics, etc.
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    Explore the wonders of the internet. Time to yourself opens up all kinds of avenues for exploration, including digital exploration. And there’s a lot of digital world to explore.
    • Go for a virtual information walk. Start by opening a web page--any page--and then start exploring where it takes you. Look for terms or ideas mentioned or linked on the page and follow them. Do the same for each new page you come to and see how far away from your starting point you can get. Then revel in all the obscure knowledge you’re accumulating.
    • Go tutorial crazy by visiting various tutorial and how-to sites--and then trying them out. If you’re into experimenting with hair and makeup, find the craziest hair/makeup how-to you can and be your own experimental subject. If you like making things, look up tutorials on making or building things (birdhouses, crème brûlée, pillows, whatever) and give it your best shot. You may uncover some hidden talent.


  • Take advantage of your alone time and do something you would never do with others around.
  • Try something you NEVER, not once in your life, have done.
  • Make a bucket list and start checking things off.
  • Don't waste your free time trying to plan it out like a routine, change it every day.
  • Just think about how grateful you are for having a life and enjoy the moment!
  • Do something so silly it would be super shameful to do in front of anyone. You will have a great time!
  • Try reading a book!
  • Go relax and watch YouTube and snuggle up in your bedroom.
  • Play a game.
  • If it's a beautiful day go out and go for a walk or just enjoy the day.
  • Think of a song and a topic. Make up new lyrics to the song and next time you are with your friends and the song comes on, sing your new lyrics.
  • Take time to savour and appreciate the smallest things you see - sometimes they are truly the most amazing things around!
  • Go on YouTube and watch some videos you haven't watched in a while, or some new ones. Or try watching a new channel.
  • Spoil yourself. Who cares about that extra 300 calories anyway? Eat that cupcake! Eat the chocolate! Make a sundae! Go crazy!
  • If you're really bored and hungry you should try baking or cooking something special.


  • Always be cautious and extra aware of your surroundings when out by yourself.
  • Do not go on the Internet and tell people you are home by yourself. In fact, don't tell anyone except close friends or family that you're home alone.

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