How to Have Fashionable Clothes to Wear to Work

Work clothing that is both fashionable and professional helps to ensure that you feel confident, comfortable and well presented at work.


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    Select clothing that fits well. It's important to choose clothes that reflect the best of your own assets. Whether you have a great waist, a toned body, a beautiful silhouette, a fulsome chest, a 'bootylicious' backside, etc., focus on clothes that fit.
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    Get at least one outer wear item tailored. Since this is for work, consider getting at least one or two suits or jackets tailored specifically to your shape. Such an item can last and last, so spending good money on it is a worthwhile investment in your work wardrobe.
    • Choose a classic cut; the "fashion" side can be achieved through use of colors in shirts, t-shirts, belts, ties, skirts, shoes, etc.
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    Select clothing according to your workplace style. Before even considering fashionable clothing, be sure you know what is expected in your workplace. Some places are very conservative, while others aren't fussed about dress-down, casual-as every day of the week. Don't push the boundaries in a conservative environment––you can be individual with splashes of color, a special item of jewelry or such but avoid being too casual. And no matter what your workplace, here are some things to avoid:
    • Transparent or sheer clothing that exposes your lingerie
    • Low-plunging tops, anything that reveals too much cleavage
    • Panty lines (too tight!)
    • Flip flops or bare feet (unless you're in a very casual place)
    • Clothing with offensive logos, images or messages.
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    Select a wardrobe for men. It's a good idea to have a range of suits to cycle through during the week. Also, have suits in winter and summer weights, to ensure that you're warm or cool enough as needed. At a minimum, two to four suits would be a good wardrobe amount.
    • For shirts, have a minimum of five, preferably 10 shirts to be rotated around each two weeks. Some men prefer basic white all the time, while others prefer a range of fashionable colors.
    • Have three pairs of shoes in excellent shape; update your seasons each new season if they're not in good condition.
    • A range of fashionable silk ties in different colors and patterns. Purchase a tie hanger to make it easier to see them each day when matching.
    • Socks - at least 5 pairs for the week, more if you change for evening events. Quirky, colorful socks with logos are okay if your workplace is casual, otherwise, keep the colors conservative.
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    Select a wardrobe for women. There are lots of possibilities for a work wardrobe but here are some basic suggestions:
    • An A-line dress and perhaps a tunic dress for mixing and matching
    • A pencil skirt
    • A ruffled skirt
    • Pants/trousers
    • Two or more tailored suits - at least one trouser suit and one skirt suit
    • Trousers
    • Nude pantyhose; colored if they match the clothing and are low-key
    • Shoes – heels if you wear them, flats (ballet flats are good) or kitten heels, and no need to tell you how many––that's up to you
    • Scarves, bags, jewelry, as needed
    • For winter, add in some turtlenecks, sweaters and boots.
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    Keep it fashionable. Fashion is easily kept up with by reading magazines, browsing your favorite clothing stores and seeing what your peers are wearing. However, there is no need to throw out your wardrobe every season. What you can do is update it by adding in some new shirts, t-shirts, ties, jewelry, shoes, and other less expensive items and changing around your clothing to form different looks. Suit jackets, tailored pants and skirts, should be in classic styles to allow you to continue wearing them until they wear out, spruced up by the cheaper additions.
    • Sometimes it's a good idea to have a tailor make changes to existing clothing to increase their currency; for expensive clothing, this can be cheaper than replacing them.
    • Keep your old clothes. They often come around again in fashion but mixing and matching them can change them anyway and make them appear fashionable again!
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    Show some individuality. Avoid being a total clone, even in conservative workplaces. Find items that really express who you are and try to keep these as a usual addition to your wardrobe so that people treat it as your signature. For example, it might be silk scarves, a certain shape of glasses, particular ties, etc.
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  • If you often go out at night from work, wear clothes that can shift from day to evening with just a few changes, such as adding a scarf, changing a jacket, etc.
  • For makeup never have too much on at work. Use light makeup, foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliner and nude color lipstick. Seek to match the color of your clothes with your lipstick.

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