How to Have Creative Shoe Storage

Running out of space for all those shoes? Why not get creative and stuff them where they won't be in the way but will still be accessible when you need them?


  1. Image titled Try base of wardrobe Step 1
    Try the base of the wardrobe. Instead of throwing your shoes in there, arrange them neatly in their shoe boxes and take photos of each pair. Print off the photos and stick one on the end of each shoe box so it is easy to tell which pair is in which box.
  2. Image titled Hang them off the back of door Step 2
    Hang them off the back of your bedroom door. You can purchase great shoe hangers that allow you to tidy your shoes along the length of your door. When you have the door open, you can't even see the shoes and it also helps them to air well.
  3. Image titled Buy a really large French basket Step 3
    Buy a really large French basket. These are the types of baskets that are used in French orchards for gathering the fruit or large white linens off the line. Throw your shoes into these for a devil-may-care, provincial yet tidy look. This works great for hiking boots and other large boots that you can't find anywhere else to put.
  4. Image titled Make a small shoe holding stand underneath central heaters Step 4
    Make a small shoe holding stand underneath central heaters. This is ideal for drying out wet shoes during winter. Don't leave them there too long though or the leather will dry out too much.
  5. Image titled Use children's toy hanging baskets Step 5
    Use children's toy hanging baskets. These are the ones meant for hanging from the ceiling and containing plushies. These are great for light shoes such as slippers and ballet slippers. And it makes them easy to find and keeps them clean by keeping them off the ground.
  6. Image titled Place a large square mat at your entrance door Step 6
    Place a large square mat at your entrance door. Make this the "shoe space" and ask people to leave their shoes there when they enter the house. It should not be used for anything other than shoes and the mat should be cleaned regularly.
  7. Image titled Make a stand using dowel rods Step 7
    Make a stand using dowel rods. Place gumboots and snow boots upside down over the dowel to dry. This is also a good way to store boots in places where creepy-crawlies try to crawl into shoes. When you have the shoe upside down, it is less inviting.
  8. Image titled Use bookshelves Step 8
    Use bookshelves. A small bookcase can make an ideal storage space for shoes. Paint it a funky color to match your bedroom or whichever room it is staying in.

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