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So you want classic style. It's not surprising, many women want style that will last through trends, and will have people thinking what a classy woman you are. Also, even if you have a trendy style, having the know-how for important events is a good thing to know.


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    Pick clothes that compliment your skin tone, body type, etc. If you don't look good in a pencil skirt and pumps, then don't wear them.
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    When it comes to bright colors, use them sparingly. Both in make-up and in clothing, a little bright color goes a long way, and if you use too much it will look over-done and garish.
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    If you have to splurge on the essentials, then by all means do so! Having one great black dress is much better than having a lot of cheesy, over-colored trendy dresses.
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    Spend a little more money and time on your essentials. Essentials are a good LBD (little black dress), some quality jeans, both in black and blue wash, a pair of reasonably comfortable and fashionable black (and neutral, if you like them) pumps, a quality tailored coat in black, white, or grey, a good string of pearls, and a sturdy handbag in a quiet and classy shade (think something you could use for work as well as other occasions).
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    Color is key. Deep, jewel-toned colors such forest green, scarlet, and royal blue are absolutely perfect for a classic style. Bright or neon colors are trendy and fun, but you should not waste a lot of money on accessories in these shades.
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    Accessorize sparingly. Use just one major accessory, rather than three or four. Using too many accessories or patterns will make you look over-dressed and garish. Buy a few good quality pieces of gold or silver jewellery to go with everything.
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    Remember that looks aren't everything. In order to be classic with your style, you must be polite and respectable. Acting properly will get you a long way in life.


  • Remember posture! Proper posture will make you look more composed and together.
  • Your clothes doesn't all have to be the same color. You should wear colors of the same shade, but don't overdo it!
  • Using chunky necklaces and bracelets, as well as plaid scarves, and headbands is great! A classic style is never supposed to be boring!


  • Many people associate being classy with being stuck-up and snooty. Don't play into those kind of stereotypes.
  • Don't try to be something that you aren't. If you have a trendy, bohemian, Gothic, or any other style, it is absolutely fine.

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