How to Have an Indoor Yard Sale

Everyone has been involved in a yard sale in some way or another. Usually, they are located outside in your backyard or inside a garage. These locations can be exciting. But have you ever been to one inside the house itself? Dealing with weather issues can be a pain. An indoor sale eliminates the issues of extremely hot and cold weather, humidity, wind and rain. This is called Indoor yard sale. This is exciting and fun. Let's get started.


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    Clean the house putting away all the items or accessories which are not for sale. You can need some items for display. There are some posters or stickers which cannot be removed from your home. Tag these "Not for sale" items with a big red sticker.
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    Shut off rooms not being used on sale day.
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    Display items that will look appealing using your decorating skills. Place a throw pillow on the couch or a blanket on the back of the couch, books on a shelf or display dishes on a kitchen table. Creating a look of a 'boutique' style atmosphere is much more appealing and people will buy more, especially with yard sale prices.
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    Tag all items clearly with initials or coded by the owner and the sale price. Set clear rules for those contributing if there is to be a clearance time at the end of the sale of when that will occur and for how much.
    • Items not to participate in end of sale clearance should be removed prior or marked clearly that the item is not to participate in clearance.
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    Have change. The 'must haves' are plenty of plastic bags and plenty of change including coins. Often people will give a twenty dollar bill for a twenty five cent item.
    • Once the customer has change in their pocket they are much more likely to spend that change than when they only have big bills.
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    Keep a ledger of what was sold, whose it was and for how much. It may be reconciled at the end of the sale with the cash on hand. This makes for good accounting. Always keep a calculator handy for quick math so not to keep the customer waiting.
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    Consider a sign up sheet. An Email Sign Up Sheet or notebook left out for future sale notifications will bring more customers back the next time you have a sale.
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    Consider selling baked goods. Baked goods and crafts are wonderful eye pleasers and usually go over well anywhere. If you don't bake or do crafts recruit others who do. You may work out a percentage deal on all their sales for extra income.
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    Recruit family and friends to help monitor rooms that are open to the public. This helps to cut down on theft as well as help the customers.
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    Make a bathroom available for customer use. This will keep them from leaving earlier than planned when nature calls expectantly.
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    Serve refreshments like ice water and Dixie cups, candy, mints crackers, or cookies. This can keep a customer shopping longer.
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    Advertise on craigslist, in the local paper, hand out flyers and post them around town, send out massive emails to friends and family. Place large signs at the end of your street and neighborhood entry with balloons emphasizing the word "INDOOR" yard sale. People will come out of curiosity over the word "INDOOR".


  • Don't take money from the cash-box until sale is over and money has been dispersed properly with all persons involved. This can cause confusion and resentment from others who are involved with the sale.


  • Don't advertise items in your home for thieves. Remove or cover up well items of value, like a TV for instance.

Things You'll Need

  • Items for sale
  • Pen
  • Paper Pad
  • Calculator
  • Tags
  • Cash Box
  • Lots of Change, variety of coins, and bills in 1,5,10, and 20's.
  • Email list sign up sheet
  • Refreshments

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