How to Have an Awesome Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered how some people have a pretty much perfect wardrobe? How they come to school everyday with a coordinated, pulled together look? Well? What are you waiting for? read these steps and find out!


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    Take a look at what you do and don't have. if you have too many blue t-shirts, for example, put together a list on what other colors you should buy, like red or green.
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    For an awesome wardrobe, you might need to go shopping for some things. make a list. you should have at least 3 pairs of jeans, about 6 good t-shirts, 4 long sleeve shirts, and 5 tank tops although you can have slightly more or less. have some good thin hoodies, and some thick ones as well. you should have 2-5 good bras, and lots of underwear and socks.
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    Try to have as many possible colors as you can. If you have too much of one color you’ll be known as "the girl who always wears blue" or some other color.
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    Your wardrobe doesn’t stop at the clothes though. makeup and hair also come in now. for makeup, wear neutral and/or pastels on the eyes, soft pinks and coffee colors on the lips, and light almost skin tones for blush. For mascara obviously dark brown or black. You can go all out for parties though and wear bold bright colors.
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    Hair if you want it to be almost perfect, wash it everyday and put detangling spray in it. Putting a deep side part in it makes it look good too. Curl or straighten whatever you want. You can try fancy accessories in your hair as well.
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    Just make sure you don’t go too overboard or you will look like a poser


  • Be yourself
  • Use your favorite patterns and colors, not your best friends


  • Don’t be someone you are not
  • Don’t do this to attract/impress guys

Things You'll Need

  • A not so nice wardrobe
  • Imagination
  • Yourself

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