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How to Have an Awesome Sleepover at Your Friend's House (Tweens/Teens)

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You can finally have an awesome sleepover party! Whether you're forced to not mess up the house or you just want a private place to socialize (because your friend's parents are awesome), you can have a ton of fun at a sleepover at your friend's house.


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    Plan! Ask your parents to coordinate. Make a checklist and send it by e-mail to make sure they get everything!
  2. 2
    Bring some snacks! It's a nice gesture to bring something to a friend's house, and it makes sure you've got something tasty to enjoy.
    • Candy, of course! Try to get full-sizes, but fun size is OK.
    • Chips/crisps are always good.
    • Talk with your friend about what you guys can do for dinner. Their parents may already have a plan, but pizza is always a good fall-back.
    • Juice, fizzy drinks/soda, or even lemonade! Drinks should be diverse an plentiful.
    • Pulling an all-nighter? Chewing gum will keep you awake and alert!
    • Fruit and healthy snacks. You might be wondering why - but sometimes it tastes good, and sometimes you need to cover for sneaking out of the party room with the snacks to station them upstairs!
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    Prepare some movies. If you don't have a Netflix account or cable TV, you can borrow or rent some suitable choices (or ask a parent about downloading them from a service like iTunes). As always, good choices listed below.
    • Cartoons. Yes, it's cheesy, but it's a good time-waster.
    • For comedy, try movies based off of funny books, and classic flicks. You can pretty much never go wrong with comedy at sleepovers!
    • For horror, go for prankable ones, like Alien. Terror pranks are fun to do!
    • For chick flicks/romance, choose an appropriate rating! Really!
    • Actually, use a good rating on everything.
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    Get adequate entertainment, between you guys. This is important. Make sure there is at least one usable laptop, one usable game system, and flashlights/a lamp for staying up late!
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    Pack! You'll need your toothbrush, paste, toiletries and other things. Choose your comfiest clothes! Bring any toys/stuffed animals you want to take.
  6. 6
    Go to the sleepover! When you get there, unpack necessities. Bring it to the party room! Whether it's the basement or a tiny bedroom, you can always make your sleepover awesome!
  7. 7
    Do some fun activities throughout the night. Here are some ideas, for games, challenges or things to do. Make sure you remember to have fun!
    • YouTubing! This is a great first activity. Pile up around the computer and surf the web for funny videos!
    • Challenges! Smoothie, Tin Can or Cinnamon are funny to remember afterwards.
    • Makeovers. Try to do each other's makeup!
    • Movies! Break open Netflix or the movie case and look through to find good movies!
    • Videos and pictures! Make a movie or take a memory, won't you? Use stuffed animals to make a movie, or just be random in front of a camera.
    • Make food stuff. Like, fudge or toffee or mini choco-pancakes.
    • Stay up late for a midnight feast! Cart up food to the room you're staying in for the night. Stay up with some of the ideas and have fun! When you get hungry, start eating!
    • Truth or Dare!!! Use appropriate dares. No dirty stuff!

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  • Make sure your friend's parents don't come in!

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