How to Have an American Pioneer Party

So your child wants to have a party and reenact the pioneer era. The year is 1840, think of “The Little House on the Prairie” and you will have the picture. Although the show wasn't quite accurate, it was close.


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    Find some Pioneer clothing for the kids to wear. The little girls are wearing long skirts and bonnets while the boys are wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants with suspenders. The clothes were all handmade in those days.
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    Get some vintage Children’s Toys. Homes in those days were small and with no TV most play was done outside. The little girl’s dolls were either made out of cloth or out of corn husks or corncobs. You can go to the wiki how article titled “How to Make a Rag Doll with No Pattern” for details on making a cloth doll. The boys used sticks for bats and rocks for balls. More elaborate toys were made of wood using the hand tools available in that era.
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    Have some 'old time' Games and Activities. An example of the game is the shoe scramble. Everyone would take off their shoes and put them in the center of the play area. The leader would throw the shoes in various places and then everyone had to run and find their own shoes. The winner was the first one to find their shoes. Relay races were popular as was “hide and go Seek”. Kids entertained themselves with a lot of running, jumping and playing tag games. Water play such as swimming in the old swimming hole, trying to catch pollywogs and fishing were also popular.
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    Make some Pioneer Foods. Pioneer foods included such things as biscuits and cornbread and homemade wheat bread. Home churned butter was available to put on the warm bread, biscuits and cornbread. Pork sausage and ham were also staples of their diet. Sugar was scarce and expensive so honey was used instead if available. Fruits were turned into various jams and apples were made into apple butter or cider. Fruit pies were popular as well. Vegetables such as carrots, squash, onions, leafy greens and sweet corn on the cob as well as tomatoes and beans of various kinds were also part of their diet.
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    Do Face Painting. The American Indians painted their faces. You could paint simple designs reminiscent of the American Indians designs on the faces of the children who desired them.
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    Have some Party games. You could have games like bobbing for apples or pie eating contests.You could also do such things as arm wrestling and tug-of-war contests. Later in the evening you could have a campfire and tell pioneer stories. You could also serve snacks of hot cider and baked apples.
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    Abundance. In today's society we have many more options regarding what we can do and have in all areas of our life. However in the rush of today's world we have put aside the simple things of life. We have lost such things as depending on each other for support, for entertainment, for friendship and service to others. Not everything in the “good old days” was good but what was really good has been lost in our fast-paced society. A Pioneer Party will help bring back some of that good into our life and show the good we have in our life today as well.

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