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With car-related accidents increasing year after year, it is vital to make sure your car is equipped with safety measures that meet your state's requirements. Today, airbags systems are installed in every single car and can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. Many serious injuries have been averted thanks to airbags. Once an airbag deploys, you cannot reuse it and therefore must replace it as soon as possible. Having some knowledge of replacing your car's airbags can be beneficial to the safety of you and your family.


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    Locate your car's user manual. There will be a section in the manual about airbags and replacing airbags. If you do not have the manual for your car, contact your car manufacturer for a replacement copy.
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    Practice safety measures.
    • Turn off your car's battery and disconnect the negative cables before installing the airbag.
    • Now wait for the capacitor in the airbags control module to completely discharge, about 10 to 15 minutes. The capacitor is what carries a charge that deploys the airbag system if your car is involved in a crash or accident.
    • The airbag fuses must also be deactivated. Refer to your car's manual to locate the fuses.
    • Touching the metal part of the connector of the new airbag could accidentally set it off with static electricity so carefully avoid touching it.
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    Check the collapsible steering column and the clock spring.
    • Start by checking to see if there is a collapsible steering column in your car. Check your manual to help you find it. It is usually located between the plastic covering of the column and the back of the steering wheel. You will most likely need to replace the column if it is damaged.
    • Check the clock spring. The clock spring is the connector that the driver's side airbag gets plugged into. You will also have to replace this if burned or damaged.
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    Install new airbags.
    • To replace driver's side airbag, unscrew the screws of the steering wheel column and place somewhere safe. Pull out the old airbag until the backside with wires are visible. Unplug the old airbag from the wires. Grab the new airbag and plug it into the wires. Now put the steering column back on.
    • To change airbag on the passenger side, remove the bolts to your glove box or dash panels. Take out the old airbag and unplug from wires. Plug in new airbag and put back into place. Put glove box or dash panels back and replace bolts.
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    Finish by hooking your car's negative cable back up and reactivating the fuses.


  • You can contact a mechanic or even your car manufacturer's service department to have them replace the airbag for you for a fee.

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