How to Have a Zebra Print Sleepover

It can be hard to figure out a fun theme that no one has already used for your sleepover. However, this article will show you how to make a zebra print themed sleepover that you'll never forget!


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    Ask your parents for permission to host a sleepover before planning the decorations. This shows that you are mature and respectful, and they might be most likely to say yes to more sleepovers in the future. Do not host a sleepover without permission or you might get into big trouble.
    • If your parents say no to your request, do not whine or throw a temper tantrum. Doing this will not change your parents' response, and you might get grounded instead of having a sleepover! Also, this shows that you aren't mature or responsible enough to have your own sleepover, and the chances of you having one in the near future will be lowered with your bad reaction. Therefore, accept their answer respectfully and calmly. They will most likely be impressed, possibly reconsider their answer to you, and perhaps let you have a sleepover in the future. Then, you can make your zebra print themed sleepover if you still want to.
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    Once you have your parents' consent, go to the store with them to purchase decorations, snacks, movies, and anything else you might need for a fantastic sleepover. However, make sure your purchases are zebra related and have zebra print patterns on them if possible.
    • For example: You could have zebra prints on your decorations, animal crackers for snacks, and a movie about a zebra.
      • If you cannot find decorations that have zebra prints on them, purchase a roll of duct tape that has a zebra print pattern on it. Then, use it to spice up the decorations.
    • Be careful about spending too much money on decorations for they can be very expensive. Remember that less is more - you don't need a whole truckload of decorations to make your sleepover amazing! Make wise, careful choices because you're spending your parents' money.
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    Decorate your room with zebra print fabric and anything else related to the theme, using the decorations you purchased as well. Since zebras live in Africa, it's recommended that you turn your room into a safari. Make your bed into a car as much as you can by adding a false steering wheel, using pillows as the car doors, and anything else you can think of. Then, set up different stations for the car to drop you off at, using stuffed animals to represent the safari animals. Don't forget to include a station for zebras for the zebras will be your main attraction!
    • For example: The lions could be in one corner of the room while the elephants can graze in the other corner.
    • Decorate your safari animals' stations by drawing landscapes on paper and making false food for them. However, be careful not to make a mess while you're creating your animals' stations!
    • Make sure you fence in your stuffed animals (ex: by using pillows) to ensure that they don't get out and run about while your friends are over.
    • Only put out safari-related stuffed animals. The random stuffed dog might cause confusion as to what the theme really is.
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    Dress up for the party before your friends get there. Wear black and white stripes if possible to look similar to a zebra as much as possible. However, if you are unable to find a striped outfit, wearing a white shirt and black pants would be acceptable.
    • To spice up your outfit, purchase a pair of zebra ears to wear on your head. Usually, stores sell headbands with animal ears attached to them.
      • If you're unable to purchase a pair of zebra ears to wear, you could make your own by taking an old headband that you don't want and taping black paper ears onto them.
      • For a more permanent effect, ask an adult to hot glue the ears to the headband, but make sure you use sturdier paper (ex: cardboard) if you're planning to glue them on.
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    When your friends arrive, greet them and lead them into your room for your safari themed sleepover. Have fun, but don't let the animals bite!

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