How to Have a Wonderful Yuletide

Unlike Christmas, many Pagans are unsure of how to celebrate special holidays, and this step by step guide will show you how! Midwinter, Yuletide or winter solstice isn't about religion, it's about understanding the seasons and weaving what we learn from them into our lives.


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    Create a winter altar. This can contain candles, special symbols, gifts you have received in the winter before or photographs of those deceased or living far away. Some people make a tiny winter wonderland with homemade snow, evergreen trees, animals and whatever else. If you are going to spend effort on any part of this celebration, make it this part. When you pray, pray over the alter and keep it all through the winter. Be sure to put decorations of holly, mistletoe and wreaths around your house, too. These are symbols of life and endurance through hard times.
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    Plan a ritual. Some people make cleansing water by boiling it and adding herbs, some people pray together for strength in the winter months. One idea from is to pass around a bowl of water. As it gets to you, say what you'd like to leave behind and make a fresh start for in the spring. When all the wishes are collected, poured it on the earth in the garden. Getting together in ritual is also an idea. There is a gathering at Stonehenge on the Sunday before Christmas. See sources below for information.
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    Plan a special Meal. You might want to have a meal to celebrate midwinter. Whether this is at lunch, dinner or later in the evening is up to you depending on how you want to organize your day. Whether you're having a meal or buffet It might be a good idea to use seasonal vegetables such as leeks, parsnips, turnips, sprouts and potatoes to respect that seasons produce. You may hold a great respect for nature so be sure to regard the ethics of what you use. Buy free-range meat, game or have nut roast or stuffing balls instead. For some more ideas visit the links in sources below!
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    Make a traditional cake or pudding. This is entirely up to you. You could have the traditional fruit cake or perhaps a chocolate yule log. Some people make Yule loaf. See the guide 'How to make Yule loaf' for more details. Have wassail or eggnog or punch as a traditional winter beverage.
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    Give gifts to loved ones. To make it more special some people make their own gifts for your loved ones such as a homemade chocolate brownies, a homemade story book or story CD for children or adults. For more great ideas visit the link below as well as a link to Yule cards. If you don't like the prints you can always make your own!

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