How to Have a Winter Morning Routine

Let's face it, coping with winter mornings isn't a lot of fun and it can be far more tempting to stay tucked up in bed. By developing a winter morning routine though, you can help yourself to actually feel like getting up and finding the energy to get ready for the cool day ahead.


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    Figure out what time you need to wake up in the morning. It might be later or earlier than you get up at other times of year.
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    Set an alarm for 15 minutes before your decided time. This will give your body enough time to wake up and warm up.
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    Consider taking a warm shower to give you energy. You may find a warm shower more useful for waking you up in winter than other times of the year.
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    Select your outfit for the day. If you didn't already lay out your clothes the night before, pick them out now. You might need to do this other times of year but make sure you have the correct technique for doing this in the winter.
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    Get dressed and work your way to the kitchen. No one is happy on an empty stomach in the morning in winter!
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    Consider have a mug of hot chocolate, tea, apple cider, or coffee to relax your body and bring you warmth. Apple Cider first thing on a Winter morning is not for everyone , especially drivers.
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    Have a wonderful winter morning and rest of the day!


  • Don't stay up late at night texting friends or watching television if you know that you will be cranky in the morning.

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