How to Have a Vegetarian Barbecue

Summertime gatherings around barbecue or other outdoor grill are a traditional style of party or social gathering in various parts of the world. If you're entertaining a group of vegetarians, lots of traditional BBQ foods are off the menu, obviously. Get creative with alternatives to meat and read on from step one below to have a vegetarian barbeque.


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    Ask your guest what they like to eat and research recipe ideas based on their preferences. Don't assume your vegan guests like nut burgers, that your vegetarian guests will refuse to eat even rennet free cheese and make sure that you understand the a difference between vegetarian and vegan.[1].
    • While people who class themselves as vegetarians or vegans do not consume meat, some are not strict about avoiding all animal products, some zealous in their avoidance of anything derived from animals and many falling in a middle ground of being conscious about avoiding meat and animal products as much as they feel is reasonable to avoid any cruelty of animals.
    • Remember Vegans do not usually consume any animal by-product, including products tested on animals or created by animals (such as honey).
    • There are vegetarians whom consume eggs, but not any dairy, and others who will not consume eggs, but will eat dairy products such a recent free cheese.[2].
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    Plan your menu. A barbeque gathering can be formal or informal. Provide your guest with a starter, main course, sides and dessert if you wish, or just provide a variety of grilled items and sides at the same time. Don't forget about drinks, providing cutlery, plates, napkins etc.
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    Choose what to grill. There are many commercially available vegan and vegetarian foods suitable for cooking on a grill. These include, Tofu hotdogs and Tofu hamburgers or tofu turkey burgers.
    • Consider these types of products if you want to serve food similar in style to meat. Keep in mind, not everyone like these types of products.
    • Prepare grilled vegetables. Sliced aubergine, sliced courgettes, quartered red onions, capsicum peppers, yellow squash and Portobello mushrooms are all delicious grilled. You can also make vegetable kebabs. Try making chick pea burgers and consider serving grilled corn.
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    Make flavorful marinade or use BBQ sauce to enhance the grilled flavor. Vegetables can be seasoned with herbs and spices too.
    • Ensure any marinated food is cooked separately from other foods.
    • If you are using a packaged or ready-made marinade or glaze, double check all ingredients to make sure they are vegetarian/vegan. Make your own batch from scratch if in doubt.
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    Prepare other vegetarian and vegan side dishes such baked potatoes, salads, salsas, couscous, dishes of olives, crudites etc. Provide breads which you can grill such as pitta bread. Make bruschetta on the barbecue as a side dish. Provide flavoured olive oils, such as rosemary and chili for your guest to dress their food to their taste. Balsamic vinegar and other dressings can also be provided.

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