How to Have a Unique and Lovely Wedding

If you are getting married, you want it to be one of the best days of your life. It is the day you finally get to share with friends and family and make amazing choices. With this article, you will have the wedding of a lifetime!


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    Make sure you have the right amount of money. There is nothing worse than running out of cash at any point in the planning. Come up with a budget that suits you.
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    Try not to copy other weddings because it is meant to be your day. You can copy one or two ideas, but being a wannabe is no good. For unique touches, consider decorations, music, lighting, or even a theme. A theme that is meaningful to both of you can add that amazing touch to a wedding ceremony, and keep people talking about it for years.
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    Keep in mind that the bride should wear an amazing dress, without showing the groom! It should be a surprise, but do choose a dress that suits your personality and lifestyle. Everyone will notice if the bride is not comfortable in her dress, and it will also be apparent in your photographs.
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    Think about your venue. It doesn`t have to be a church, or a hotel. Consider the beach (but pick the time of year carefully), the countryside, a mountain setting, national parks, or even a sports venue, as well as something that matches your theme. Something that is personal to you as a couple makes a wonderful setting for your marriage.
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    Try sending out unconventional invitations. Creating these yourself is an interesting way to add personality to your wedding. Additionally, incorporating your theme (if you have one) into the invitations makes people anticipate something different about your wedding!
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    When at the wedding be polite and shake hands; when knowing somebody is leaving, thank them for coming. It is good to practice this. Brides in particular should avoid becoming overly stressed `Bridezillas`. Your wedding day is important, but not enough to risk the good opinion and esteem of those around you. Allow room for imperfections; expect something to go wrong and think of contingency plans. A less than perfect wedding does not mean you will have a bad marriage.
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    When choosing a cake, try to do something a little bit different. You could go for a relatively conventional layered cake with figurines, but write your names on the cake as well. Another interesting idea is to not provide a cake, but to serve individual decorated cupcakes instead. Unique and personal cake decorations are easy to create and again, you are central to any theme. Even cute gaming-themed cakes have emerged in recent years (featuring Portal companion cubes or Mario characters, or even Pokémon) and things like these could amuse and interest your guests.
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    Celebrate the day before the wedding. This can blow off steam and relieve some stress before the big day. Maybe invite the most important people on a little day trip. The groom can take his friends somewhere (like the pub, or bowling) and the bride can take her friends somewhere (like the spa, or shopping).


  • Make sure everyone's happy.
  • Don't just speak to one person, speak to everyone.
  • If you're going to have a dance floor at the wedding, pick a music theme (rock, rap or even jazz). Tell everyone what the music theme is on the invitations.


  • Don't have loads of people waiting to get their meals, it can irritate them.
  • Do not have to many alcoholic drinks, because it can lead into violence.
  • Don't swear, if children are coming to the wedding try avoiding that.

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