How to Have a Truly Caring Christmas

Are your stress levels soaring at Christmas? Do you want to do things a little differently, or would you be open-minded about doing so? Do you care about the world as well as your cash. Maybe these steps will help make a happier Christmas for you and your family...


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    Buy a reusable advent calendar for your child. They are purse friendly and you can fill them with your own choice of edible and non-edible treats. Take good care of them and your child could be giving them to their children. Plus, can you imagine how much card is thrown away every year for the sake of twenty-four clumps of sugary chocolate? See sources below for some lovely calendars.
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    A messy house always contributes to stress. Get the Christmas CD out, roll your sleeves up and out that cupboard. If your house is full of old junk perhaps you'd better start earlier in the year and spread it out. Remember, if it's not useful, ornamental or sentimental - get rid of it! Once you've sorted everything, you'll feel like a huge wall has been lifted out your way and you can tackle anything! It’s important that you are not too stressed out at Christmas. It’s bad for you and your family and kids know when something is up, even if you’re pretending to be happy. Really try to enjoy yourselves and don’t make more work for yourself over tiny details.
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    Keeping the children busy shouldn't be too difficult as there is plenty for them to do! Have them make and write their own cards, make tree decorations, write a Christmas story, make decorations for their room and even make a menu for the table on Christmas day while you take care of the important things. Whatever the time of year you should always be spending some family time together. It's therapeutic to sit down and play a board game, bake cookies or just watch a movie together. Be sure to read to them before they go to bed to help their imaginations as well as their sleep.
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    It might be a good idea to buy as many presents as you can from charity shops. No seriously, second hand doesn't always mean shabby and dirty and plenty of things even look brand new but for lower prices. You'll surely find something and the earlier you go the better. A local Oxfam shop might be the best option so when 'Do they know it's Christmas' comes on the radio, you can be proud that you helped that charity. If this interests you and you have some cash to spare, there is a website called Oxfam unwrapped which lets you buy and send some of the things we take for granted and send them to third world countries. It’s worth a look!
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    While were on the subject, get your children into the charitable feeling as well. Children that are brought up well care about others and I’m sure they have plenty of things in their bedroom that can go those less fortunate. Why? Because that was exactly what the real St. Nicolas did. He gave his bags of gold to a poor family as they slept. Teach them the story, and why it feels good to give as well as receive. Make them feel that what they’re doing is important. This makes them feel special and happy. Get them - as well as yourself – to say a prayer of thanks and pray for those less fortunate.
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    Rather than spending your time wrapping presents a better idea might be to buy a cloth sack. Plenty of shops sell these. Pulling the paper of presents sure is exciting but walking into a living room Christmas morning and seeing a bag of prezzies is no less wonderful. Tell them to close their eyes and reach into the sack and pull their presents out one by one. Tons and tons of wrapping are thrown away every year. If you receive a present that's wrapped try to save the wrapping, it could come in useful. Recycle Christmas cards as well. Plenty of supermarkets have some sort of recycling scheme like this. Just check it out!
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    Caring involves caring for you. Things might be getting stressful as the day draws ever nearer. When you’re alone and the house is quiet, try reversing some of the symptoms of stress through meditation. You don’t have to sit like a Buddha. A lot of people find it comfortable lying on the bed and clearing their minds. try to get some things done during the day to get things off your mind before you meditate as it will help clear your mind better. See sources below for some helpful guides to meditation. Listening to classical music or carols is also a good idea. Find some time to take a walk down the park or countryside for some fresh air as well. Maybe you could have a winter nature walk with the kids and see what you find.
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    You can make decorations out of unwanted rubbish - a great activity for your kids to join in with – or you can by ready made recycled gifts that help the environment. Check out sources below for more information. Prices vary, but you’re sure to find something useful. One idea you might have on your walks is collecting pine cones into a pretty bowl and dusting them with icing sugar. They are great festive decorations and can be simply put back outside again once you’re done. Grow a holly bush as well or buy plastic holly. If you are buying plastic decorations look after them so you’re not throwing tattered pieces away every Christmas. The longer they last the better.
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    When planning your Christmas meal try to use only seasonal vegetables and if you can grown locally. If you eat meat try to buy a free-range turkey. I'll be honest, they aren't always cheap but if you've been following my steps perhaps you have some cash to spare. You’d be doing a good thing and easing a perfectly normal conscience. For more detailed information on the subject, see sources below.
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    Baking is also good fun even if you’re not that good. Brownies and cookies make great presents. They are more special that something bought and let’s them know how much you care to go to the effort. Nothing gets those festive thoughts going more than a bit of Christmas music. Play some in the background as it gets closer to that time. Try to work together with family more rather than being isolated and don’t be afraid to sing along yourself with the children or whoever as you’re licking the bowl clean. If your children believe in Santa bake some cookies for him and don’t forget to leave some carrots for his reindeer!


  • Don't be spending all your money on the kids this Christmas. Some people get into debt with all the presents. Children don't need loads and loads and any caring person will understand financial difficulties. Sometimes it's better explaining to your kids why they can't have as much this year as last rather than hiding your feelings. Christmas isn't all about presents and food, though many still feel they have failed unless they make the effort.
  • Try to be green. Caring is not limited to family. You might not want a solar panel for Christmas or be working in soup kitchens for the day, but it's the little things you do that matter. Buy from charity shops and buy only what you need for everywhere else.
  • Don't make more work for yourself. Focus just on what you have to do and once that's done, then see what you can do.
  • Don't be pulled in by brilliant offers. Make sure you have something to eat before you go out shopping as well. Many people are swayed into buying food offers simply because they're hungry.

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