How to Have a Tidy Linen Closet

Tired of the sheets falling on your head and the towels tumbling out at your feet every time you open the linen closet? Time to take charge so that you can find your linen when you need it, rather having it overwhelm you.


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    Keep like with like. It makes good common sense to keep the same items together in the linen closet. For example:
    • Put all the bed linen together. Some people prefer to put the sheet set together (fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases) and keep it intact. Others prefer to separate into fitted sheet piles, flat sheet piles, pillowcase piles. It all depends on how fussed you are about mix and match, your personal preference, and what your space permits.
    • Put all the towels together. It is a good idea to separate into: bath towels, beach towels, bath sheets, hand towels,
    • Keep face washers in a small basket or container. This makes them much easier to contain and find.
    • Keep tea-towels in a container for fast retrieval.
    • Keep serviettes (napkins) in a container as well.
    • Put tablecloths together.
    • Miscellaneous items such as table runners, doilies, sheet clips, sewing basket, etc, can all be kept together on one shelf.
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    Put the heaviest or bulkiest items on the bottom. It is much easier to pick up and pull out heavier and bulkier items if they are at the bottom level of the closet. This allows you to kneel down to get them out and there is no risk of them falling on you. Quilts, sheet sets, blankets, etc., are all best placed at the bottom of the closet.
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    Consider whether folding or rolling works best. Some items will fit more neatly rolled, such as towels, face washers, and blankets. Try different ways of fitting the items in to see what fits and to check the ease of removal/addition.
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    Make good use of baskets for loose and small items. These look nice, are easy to see, and keep things neat. If you have space, consider adding wire baskets to the inner side of the linen closet door to provide you with additional space.
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    Keep with the routine. Once you have the linen closet sorted, be disciplined to keep it in order. Once this becomes an ingrained habit, you will appreciate how much easier it is to find your linen!


  • It is commonplace to leave some towels folded up or rolled up on a shelf in the bathroom. This can free up extra space in your linen closet if you have a lot of towels and little space, and it also ensures that nobody is ever accidentally without a towel when they step out of the shower.

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