How to Have a Table Time for the Day

Table time, or family meetings, are a time for everyone in the family to get together and talk about various things or events that have arisen. This is an excellent time to smooth out arguments or ask another family member for something, and are key in family communications. Read on to find out how to organise such meetings...


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    Decide how frequently table time will take place, for how long, what day it will be on and where the meetings will be situated. Make sure it is a time that every member of the family can make, and that it is convenient in general; there's no use trying to schedule meetings when your sister is in a rush to get to dance class or your mother is trying to write a shopping list.
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    Tell each family member about when and where table time will take place. Make sure it is alright with everyone - if not it's a good idea to try to reschedule, as it is important that everyone tries to be there.
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    Write 'table time' in on the calendar so that nobody forgets. If you have separate space for each family member write it across everybody's schedule, so that they cannot schedule anything over it by accident.
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    Leave a space in a central area of the house where people can write things to discuss. A whiteboard is a good idea for this as people can add and remove things as they wish. Stick it up on a wall and leave a pen nearby. This way everyone can add to the agenda and all take part in shaping the meeting.
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    At the allotted time take the whiteboard to the place where you are going to have table time. Wait for all the family members and then discussing the things that are on the agenda.
    • Make sure to listen to every family member who wants to share their opinion, and ask anyone who hasn't given theirs what they think. Don't force a family member into speaking, though; they may prefer to stay silent when some things are discussed, but encourage them all the same.
    • Try to come to a good conclusion about everything on the agenda. Make sure that there are no negative feelings left in the air, and offer solutions to any problem that may arise. Being able to resolve problems like this will encourage family members that table time is a great time to find solutions to things.
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    At the end of the agenda; ask your family if there is anything else they would like to discuss or add to anything you have discussed. If not table time is over and you may all go back to your previous activities, hopefully feeling a lot closer and positive about family life. Make sure that you let your family know when the next meeting will be and ensure that this is alright with them. Communication is key.


  • Persevere. Table time may become a little tedious after a while but keep at it! Communication is extremely important in families these days, it helps clear the air or any unpleasantness that may have arisen between certain members.
  • Grab some tasty treats and put them in a bowl for the whole family to dip into while you are talking. Perhaps even encourage some family members to bake a cake or other refreshments for everyone to enjoy.
  • Regularity is the key. Try to have the meetings at the same time every week/month in the same place.

Things You'll Need

  • A whiteboard or sheet of paper to write the agenda on.
  • Snacks and refreshments for your family.
  • Free time and space.

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