How to Have a Sweet 16 Pyjama Party

Are you having a sweet 16th birthday, or just a normal birthday and don't know what to do for your sleepover? Don't worry. With these tips and ideas you will have the most ultimate pajama party of the year!


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    Have a dress code. Cute pyjamas and the most snuggly socks are the height of sleepover chic. Wear some cute and comfy pajamas that make you feel like you. You can ask your guests to come in their pajamas, whether they come at two in the afternoon or eight o'clock at night.
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    Play by your parents' rules. Keeping the noise down is the only sure-fire way of keeping them out your hair for the evening. If you want your party to be loud and crazy, ask them if it's OK you and your friends make some noise. Otherwise, let them set a "quiet time". From that point on (say, eleven o'clock), you and your friends have to be careful with the noise.
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    Think of CDs to play. R&B, not really the oldies. Choose something you and your friends love. It's your party make sure the music explains your personality. Get something with a good beat that you can dance to. this always adds to a party.
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    For food you can make it yourself. For drinks, you should get punch, soda, juice, and water. Buy stuff such as crisp and sweets, and then when your guests arrive, make a pizza with your friends. This shows your creative side, and you get to personalize your pizza. After diner, you could make ice cream sundaes when you're ready. At least make something to keep your guest entertained. Make t-shirts together so it's one party you will never forget.
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    Pick some movies to watch together. Weepy ones, scary ones, and funny ones will do. You could choose 5 movies you like, and you and your friends could take a vote of which one to watch so everyone is happy.


  • Make the room tidy before guests arrive. You could add cute decorations.
  • Be kind to everyone and make sure they are having a good time.
  • Make friendship memory capsules.
  • Tell jokes.
  • Take photos.
  • Do keep it way beyond the arguing and fighting, it could turn into tears.
  • Do mad cap makeovers.
  • Drink milkshakes.


  • Do not brag on about you.
  • Keep everyone happy.
  • Smile and have fun!
  • Be fun.
  • Do not get irritated if someone upsets you.

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