How to Have a Super College Application

Do you need an application that no college can refuse, and that makes you look the best out of everyone?


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    Have a good GPA in high school. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take all Honors/AP/Community College classes, but taking those show the college that you like a challenge and you want learn at a faster rate
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    Get involved! Colleges, especially elite colleges (Harvard, a Service Academy, Yale) aren't going to just accept you because you only have a 4.0GPA. They want to see your character and your willingness to become involved and help others. Joining clubs that are involved in school( Sports, Debate, Dance, Glee, Honor Society, you name it), or outside of school(Scouts, Church, Community Service, Part-Time Job) shows that you are willing to do other things than academics and you are a well-rounded person.
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    Be a leader! Don't just join activities, lead them! Being the leader shows colleges that you can take charge of something and make it do great things. This will also show that you can work with other people to get things done. Running for Club Officer, Class Officer, ASB Officer, Sport Team Captain are all great examples.
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    Prepare yourself at a young age for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and all other tests colleges want to look at. Make sure that you get practice on these test through practice tests or books/programs that help you prepare for them. Also, take these test multiple times to get the best score. When looking at colleges, know what their scores are so you can aim for them.
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    Do something that establishes you as special (in a good way). When colleges look at applications, they want to see what makes you more special than the other 100 applications they receive.
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    Establish good habits. Don't drink, do drugs, smoke, or be lazy. Make good life choices everyday, and doing the other steps will be easy. If you do drugs or drinks, you are setting yourself up for eventual academic failure. Colleges want good, solid people.


  • Establish a good reputation with teachers. When they are asked to write a letter of recommendation, they will care more about it than if you were a goof ball in class.
  • Being popular doesn't mean anything when running for a leadership position. Be a good, respectful person and a friend to everyone, and you will be fine.
  • Don't try to get A's. Learn and work hard. The A's will come.


  • Sports, unless you're very good, shouldn't be an extreme priority. School is the #1 priority.
  • Don't overdo extra-curricular activities. Sure, you might be president of 3 clubs, but when your grades start falling to C's, it won't matter.
  • Manage time wisely, and don't over-do community service. School is #1 before all.

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