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A great place to take a date is to the zoo. There is so much to see there, and if you are lucky you can catch some of the animals being fed. There is a great deal of walking, but many benches to sit down on and rest, and talk, and enjoy being with your date.


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    Prepare well. You'll want to make sure you have all the dates and times right for meeting, and have a sturdy bag and comfortable shoes. Pack a phone, a small snack, plenty of money and a camera.
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    Walk next to your date, and if it seems like the right thing to do, you can hold hands. If you're comfortable with each other, you may want to put an arm around the other's waist. If it's a first date, a good way to break the touch barrier is to pull them by their wrist or hand gently and lead them to things.
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    Have a good sense of humor. Laugh and enjoy watching the antics of some of the animals. If you see something really funny, point it out and enjoy laughing together. If you're close and have this kind of relationship, you could playfully tease each other- if you're at a monkey exhibit exclaim, "Hey, is that your twin brother up in that tree?". It may be lame, but surprisingly enough, teasing helps you bond.
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    Be romantic. Put your arms around each other while looking idly at animals, ask if they're feeling okay if it's particularly hot or they look tired, or offer to carry their bags. Of course, you can ramp it up a little bit if you're going steady- don't be afraid to sneak a kiss in the darker indoor exhibits for nocturnal animals. Just remember to keep it PG as the zoo is a family place and PDA is not always welcomed!
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    Buy ice cream for the both of you. Walk over to a nice shady bench and enjoy eating it together while talking and watching animals. Reflect on what you enjoyed so far, what you want to do next and of course, how much you enjoy the other's company.
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    Take lots of pictures together so you can share them with them afterwards. Ask them which ones they would like to keep, in remembrance of this wonderful day together. Try silly ones posing with animals, romantic ones together, or ones of things you've bought. Don't forget to take photos of the cutest animals you see! It is a zoo, after all.
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    Surprise her. Walk into the souvenir shop and buy her something nice- a stuffed animal is always a good choice. Choose an animal she loved to watch, and it will show that you really notice and listen to what she says. If you're a girl wanting to buy something for a guy, don't be afraid to break gender roles and be kind! Buying surprise gifts is for anyone.


  • Bring lots of water for the both of you!
  • Remember, girls like it when you buy them things or win them a prize. Find out what her favourite animal is and buy her a stuffed toy like that animal, or go to a zoo that allows adoption and adopt her her favourite one!


  • Don't try to show off by breaking rules to get closer to the animals.
  • Teasing must be approached with caution.

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