How to Have a Spooky Party

BOO! Did I scare you? A lot of people who have birthdays near the end of October or the beginning of November can be tempted to have a Halloween birthday party. That would be awesome spooky fun, plus it celebrates two events at the same time! Of course, you may just want a Halloween party. That's okay too. This article contains tips on giving your party that special spooky touch!


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    Make invitations. Doing them on the computer and you could put the face from the exorcist on the invitations and mention that it's going to be a scary party. Remember to include the time, date, place, R.S.V.P. number, who's sending and possibly some pictures. Have fun with them! Instead of just writing 9pm-12am, try 'til the witching hour. To avoid confusion, write the more common version underneath in a plain type or on the back. Consider signing them from Count Michael or Jennifer Long, W.I.T.C.H.. Try aging the paper and writing in a pen and ink for extra effect! Mention that it is a Halloween party, as they may wish to wear a costume. See How to Make Creative Invitations for ideas.
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    Prepare the house/garden. Perhaps have a room that is "haunted". Put in a faulty red/black light bulb, splash some red paint around, prop up some cracked, dusty mirrors; be creative! A fog machine might be a great idea. Flickering candlelight or lanterns can add great effect but only if you take proper care. Hanging fake cobwebs over the doorframe is a great idea. Why not put a sign over the front gate saying Welcome to the Haunted House? Determine if you want the room to be very realistic or just fun. If you're going for a properly scary effect avoid the plastic smiley pumpkins and Happy Halloween signs.
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    Keep up the theme with food. Make edible glasses (instructions can be found on the internet) make red jelly with "eyeballs" (grapes or eyeball toys) in it or brown jelly with gummy worms in it. Have some kind of red drink (red wine, tomato juice, cranberry juice and raspberry cordial are all good) and perhaps label the bottle "Not Real Blood?". If you're having food use creative names for all the dishes. Who said French fries weren't fingers when they have a sliver of almond in one corner?
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    Find a costume. If you are dressed in normal clothes during a Halloween party, it will spoil the effect. Make sure it is just right for Halloween though! Some ideas for costumes are: A black cat, a witch or a ghost. (Definitely not one which is a sheet with holes in though!)
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    Come up with some creepy activities. This could be a ghost-story telling session, a treasure hunt in the "haunted" room, Bloody Mary, Candy man etc.
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    Have fun! This is the most essential part of a party, and if either you or one of your guests is unhappy, the party atmosphere may go down.


  • Creepy music or a CD filled with creepy sounds might be a good idea. Sounds like, wolf howls, witch cackles, ghostly moans and the like.
  • If you and your friends know any ghost stories, share them!
  • Follow the proper etiquette for hosting a party. You might like to read How to Host a Party, How to be Responsible when Hosting a Party or How to Host a Sleepover.


  • Make sure no-one gets too frightened! You might like to have a plain room where people can take time out where there is calming music, is well lit and has a few snacks. Be a good host and look after any upset guests.

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