How to Have a Sophisticated Bedroom

Having a sophisticated bedroom means it looks worldly, elegant, and refined. You can easily incorporate those qualities into whatever theme you choose for your room. Won't it be nice to have someone walk into your room and find a side of you that is sophisticated and elegant?


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    Read interior design websites, books, and magazines. These can give you rough ideas on what you would like your bedroom to look like. You may even find the perfect design, if you don't mind copying someone's layout.
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    Decide what colors you would like to have in your room. Think about what kind of mood you're going for, and importantly, how a certain color makes you feel. Colors can bring out different moods in different people, but it's ultimately your mood that matters. Calm colors usually seem more sophisticated.
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    Choose a theme from that color scheme. There are hundreds of themes that you can apply to the color you would like. They range from contemporary to oriental to rustic or anything you would like.
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    Find bedding that goes with your theme. Avoid bedding that is all one color or out of place with the rest of the room. Your bed should incorporate the colors of your room. Solid colors are usually a good choice as opposed to bedding with pictures on it.
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    Pick things you would like to showcase in your room. If you're going for a sophisticated look, you should avoid things like band or movie posters, and go for things that make you seem educated and fit your room's theme.
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    Move in comfortable chairs to sit on that flow with your theme. It's nice to have a spot within your personal room that isn't a bed. It can also make your room look more sophisticated and functional.
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    Choose furniture that is stylish as well as functional. Avoid putting in furniture that you will never use, as it clutters up the room and can be replaced with something you can use. Also be conscious of space; if a dresser's drawers hit the bed, you may want to rethink your design plans.
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    Spruce up furniture with cloth, paint, and objects. You can add to the look of a dresser with a strip of cloth that is as wide as the top of the dresser, letting the edges hang down the sides. Trays are great for candles and pretty stones, while looking stylish and sophisticated in itself. Personal pictures are good for a standing picture frame and will give your room a personal touch.
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    Put the finishing touches on everything. Look around the room and ask for opinions from those around you. Find areas that are lacking and improve upon them. Make sure the colors are balanced and things are arranged in a space-friendly way that is still appealing to the eye.
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    Keep your bedroom immaculately clean. Not only is it great to just relax in a clean room, it contributes to the sophistication of it. Messy rooms make you look like a lazy slob, so make sure everything is tucked away where it belongs and all of the surfaces in your room are nice and polished.


  • If you aren't allowed to paint your walls but would still like the walls to be a different color, look into large wall hangings and tapestries. Furniture against the wall can also spice up bland expanses of white or other colors.
  • Framed pictures usually look better than unframed ones, though this may depend on the picture.
  • You can use old maps, documents, or photographs to give it a sophisticated look. If you learn about what you're putting up, such as where it came from, when, what it is, and who is in it, you may even impress a few people. Personal photographs are better as standing pictures on your bedside table or dresser rather than on your walls.
  • Candles can be a great addition to the room. At night, you can light them and bask in the soft candle glow. Plus, they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can surely find one that suits your room just right.
  • Too many colors can overload a room. Try sticking with 3 colors and following a 60-30-10 rule: 60% of the room is your main color, 30% of the room is your secondary color, and 10% of the room is your accent color.
  • When you're reading through the interior design pages and see something you really like, stop and study the picture. Ask yourself what makes the room work. If you can identify what you like about the picture, you'll learn more about your tastes and improve your designing skills. Instead of copying the room, you'll be able to create your own personal space with a style you like.
  • For wall decorations, you could frame leaves and flowers and label it with its scientific name. You can choose from fall colors or spring colors for your leaves that match your color scheme.


  • Redoing your room can become very costly. Look into what you can do with what you have, and remember to shop smart. Know what you're looking for and do some research to make sure you get a good price for good quality.
  • Depending on where you live, you may need to ask someone before you paint your room. Get permission before you go out and buy paint to avoid wasted money and bad feelings (or even eviction).
  • Picking colors and a theme and then putting it all together can be daunting and frustrating. Ask friends and family for ideas and opinions; they may have some good suggestions.
  • Redoing a room can take awhile. Don't plan on doing it all in a day.
  • Learn how to paint a room and how to choose paint before you do it. Nothing detracts from a room more than a horrible paint job done with a terrible color.

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