How to Have a Sleepover on Animal Crossing

Ever wanted to have a sleepover at your house with your friends but your parents said no? Well, why not have a sleepover on animal crossing over the internet? Start with step one to start the weekend right!


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    First, meet up or text your friends and tell them you're having an animal crossing sleepover at your town on whatever date. Tell them not to tell their parents that they're staying up late having a sleepover!
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    During the week, stock up on items like: party poppers, roman candles, fireworks, party invites, fruit and turnips to eat, and a few beds to put in your house so there's somewhere for everyone to sleep.
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    On the day, make sure your town is "perfect." Pick all your weeds, get rid of garbage, put all the fruit and turnips outside or inside your house, and decorate. you could make paths, decorate with flowers, etc.
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    Before you go to bed, get your DS fully charged and get your snacks ready. Text your friends so they remember to come, and tell them to select "go out" while you open your town gates.
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    Make sure your parents are in bed or in another room. Close the door. You might want headphones too.
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    Give your friends a town tour, then the party starts!
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    First you could play a few games if it's a birthday, like musical chairs, tag, etc. You can play truth or dare and hide and seek.
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    Then you can drop the fruits/turnips outside so your friends can pick them up and eat them.
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    Then exchange gifts/non-native fruit. If you have a birthday cake, put it inside.
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    You could sit and chat with your friends while you fish or catch bugs (at night) and just chill out.
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    Then you could go and annoy the animals if they're still awake and talk to them.
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    If it's a Saturday night, go and listen to KK slider.
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    At midnight, make everyone go to your house and sleep in the beds. Then close your ds and go to sleep.
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    In the morning, wake your friends up and turn the ds back on. Then you can have breakfast- fruit and coffee at Brewster's cafe in the museum. Maybe after you can check out the museum and get your friends to donate fossils, fish, bugs or paintings.
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    Then you and your friends can shop till you drop at able sisters or tom nooks.
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    You can lay out patterns on the beach as beach towels, put on your sunglasses and bathers (pattern) and get a tan (if it's summer)
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    Finally, Have a few more games and bug catching and then, say bye to your friends and let them leave your town.
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    Your parents should be awake now so get on with your morning routine!


  • Be sure to pick up bells or other items on the ground that your friends can steal.
  • You can get non-native fruit if you ask your friends to bring their town fruit. You can sell non natives for 500 bells each!
  • You can get party poppers and candles on new year.
  • Tell your friends to not talk too much with your favourite villagers, or they will move to your friend's town.
  • Have fun
  • Your game may crash if you close your ds for too long.
  • Make sure you have a lot of bells!
  • It's best to do this on a weekend.
  • You must have Wi-fi on your ds.
  • Remember to exchange friend codes with your friends first!
  • You can also do this on City folk (wii) but it's more risky.


  • Don't fall asleep while you're still having a sleepover!
  • Make sure your friends don't shake your rare money trees without permission. They never grow back!
  • Make sure your parents don't wake up. You could get grounded!
  • If your parents come in to check on you, close your ds lid, shove it under your pillow and pretend to sleep.
  • If doing this on a wii, wear headphones or turn your TV volume down.
  • Make sure you only invite friends you know. Random people could hack your town and break your ds!
  • Random people could destroy your town.
  • You will not get Mr. Resetti if you turn off your game while doing multiplayer.
  • Don't share your friend code online or you will be hacked.
  • If you get hacked, turn your game off straight away and don't save.

Things You'll Need

  • A few friends that own animal crossing
  • Lots of bells (money)
  • an animal crossing game
  • a fishing rod and net
  • turnips
  • fruit
  • Wi-fi
  • a DS Lite, DS, Wii, DSi or 3DS
  • Party supplies
  • furniture
  • Snacks (to eat at midnight)
  • Etc.
  • A phone (to text)

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