How to Have a Sleepover Camp Party

If you go to a sleepover camp and will be gone at camp for a week or so and want to have lots of fun and become popular, why not throw a party in the evening?


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    Before you go, check if you are allowed to bring electronics. If you are, pack an Ipod, Ipod speakers, and maybe a cellphone. Make sure your Ipod has a full battery charge and lots of hit songs (check the Top 40's list to get ideas for songs). Make sure that you have a playlist of all these songs because you don't want to have to stop dancing to switch songs.
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    If you're not allowed to bring electronics, come up with a good excuse. You're going to need an iPod+speakers to have your party. Say that you had your iPod+speakers in your backpack to bring to your last sleepover and never took them out, I don't care, you need to smuggle your electronics in!
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    Before you go to camp, get all set. Take a shower before you leave and make sure to double clean yourself. Put on different clothes and get lots of sleep. Be healthy, clean, and above all, prepared!
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    Once you get to camp, spend the first day getting to know everyone, having fun, and letting everyone get to know you. Don't have your party tonight. Let everyone get settled in to camp and settle yourself in the position of super-popular.
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    On the second day, you might want to sleep in since you're going to be up late. Have fun, and while you can still see, set up everything. Get your iPod and speakers out but keep your cellphone (if you have it) hidden. Clean up your cabin/tent and hide anything that you don't want stolen.
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    Get changed into a casual, but cute outfit. Wear some comfortable shoes (Maybe some durable ballet flats). Have a shower and use deodorant. No one will forget that at the party of the century, the host smelt like a garbage can. Be as beautiful as you can possibly be.
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    Go around and invite people over to your cabin/tent. Invite your friends and let people see that you're having a party. Turn on your music and play your playlist. Dance and have fun. Soon, you should have most of the camp at your party.
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    After a bit, take requests for songs and pick a random one. Make sure to still be in control, pick your own fav songs once in a while. Just keep dancing.
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    Once everyone is exhausted and some people want to leave, turn off the music and suggest a massive Truth or Dare game! If you don't want to play Truth or Dare you can play Would You Rather? instead. Keep the game interesting and pick lots of dares. This makes you seem brave and if you get a gross truth that's really happened, lie. No one will like you if you reveal that you've masturbated or something.
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    If you don't want to play either of those games, bring out your cellphone and prank call someone. You can do love scenes, hate scenes, a wild word like "Joe!" repeated over and over, pretend to be Chinese and say your name is Wang, or anything else that you feel like doing that would be funny. You can switch to Truth or Dare/Would You Rather? after about a dozen prank calls.
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    Let everyone leave on their own. As the hostess, you have to stay up as long as your guests do. If you're getting really tired and can't stay up any longer, then yawn very loudly and others will start yawning, then leave. If you want, you could pull an all nighter.
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    Keep up your popularity and if you want, have parties every second day. One night, you have a party and the next, sleep in. It lets you catch up on sleep and not be grumpy during the party. Be nice, make friends, and have lots of fun!


  • When you prank call, make sure that your phone is charged and never threaten. Also, beware as prank calling long-distance can send your phone rates through the roof and if your parents pay your bill, they may ask why you were phoning Russia while you were at summer camp.
  • If you're going to play Truth or Dare, tell someone to kiss someone else and watch them squirm and be grossed out. Then, when someone asks you to kiss someone, do it proudly and don't act grossed out.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • iPod speakers
  • cool songs
  • cell phone
  • tent/cabin
  • stylish clothes
  • camp stuff
  • popularity
  • people skills
  • beauty
  • lots of friends and acquaintances
  • Truth or Dare and Would You Rather? skills and ideas
  • the ability to stay up very late

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