How to Have a Sleepover (for Teens)

Having friends over is always fun, having them overnight is even better! But, let's face it, sometimes you run out of things to do! Read on for more sleepover fun...


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    Make email or paper invites. You can give them to your friends at school or mail it to them. Decorate the invites with colors and/or pictures. If you need people to bring things, make sure you include what your friends need to bring.
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    Always have good food. Ideal foods for sleepovers would probably be: 2 two-liter pop bottles, a bag of chips, at least two kinds of pizza, (just cheese and pepperoni are best.) popcorn, cupcakes, ice cream, and anything that is you and your friend(s) favorites. Just make sure no one's allergic to the food that you guys are eating.
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    Set up a room and your house clean when your friends come over. You don't want your friends thinking that you live a garbage dump. Make sure you make it smell nice, too.
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    Always check with your friends parents and your parents to see if it's okay if you could have someone over. You probably don't want to get grounded. Or yelled at in front of your friends..
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    Have some fun games to play. Like truth or dare or would you rather. Just keep it on the minimum of the dare's grossness level. if you're in your older teens (15+), do facials, play truth or dare, would you rather (remember to include grossness). Alternatively, you could make a prank call! Scream, have a pillow fight or play guess the food! It's funny.. have fun!!
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    When they leave, clean up right away. Your parents will be proud of you. (And probably get more privileges!)


  • If one of your friends has an emergency or is homesick, tell them that you or the phone is always open. Tell them to make themselves feel comfortable and that if she feels uncomfortable, it's okay if her parents bring her home.Try not to force her to stay. She will already feel guilty enough.
  • Try to always be a good sport about anything, even if no one else is.
  • Try not to show off your house too much. It might affect your friendship.
  • Always make sure to play safe and have fun!
  • Make sure everyone's involved. If someone's feeling left out take one person to talk to them and if their homesick or such let them make a call home. Just make sure everyone's enjoying themselves and each other.


  • Avoid arguing at all times.
  • Movies tend to make people sleepy, try to avoid them if you want to stay up all night.
  • Avoid Candy Binges with friends, you will be hyper for a little bit, but then you will crash. Goodbye staying up!

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