How to Have a Scary Halloween Sleepover

Honestly, having sleepovers are hard. Once everybody's there you have no idea how to start! People will suggest things that you think don't have to do with Halloween, and then you just don't know what to do! Here's some fun and creative ideas.


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    Start the slumber party at sunset. Usually this is about 6:00 PM. By the time everybody gets there, it'll most likely be 6:40 or something, so it'll be dark and perfect for horror.
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    Play some ghost games. You want it to be SCARY and full of FRIGHT, right? Play Bloody Mary or do a séance. A séance is where you get a candle, gather together in a circle and connect each other by holding hands, then light the candle and put it the middle of circle. Then, you choose someone to call a ghost from the other world. Maybe if somebody wants to contact their grandmother, say, "Grandmother Maria, we awaken you from the other world to speak to you. Please show us a sign of your presence." Or, "Anita Josephs, we awaken you from the dead." Or just say a deceased persons name ten times. If a séance seems too scary, try a Ouija Board. All you have to do is get a picture of the Ouija Board from Google and copy down the stuff on it to a blank piece of paper, get a bottle cap, hold it down and call a spirit, and they will talk to you through the letters.
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    Tell scary stories. Nothing is better than a cold, frightening story that will leave you with chills. If you don't know any, go online and look for scary stories to read.
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    Watch scary movies. A good example of movies would be Dead Silence, Bloody Mary, etc. If you have Netflix, choose from movies in the Horror Movies section.
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    Require Sleeping Bags. This is an important step. Where will your guests sleep? Sure, a couch MIGHT work, but when you wake up your neck will hurt! Make sure you have some extra blanket to make a bed for those who don't have a sleeping bag.
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    Pull a prank on your guests. During the night, wake up and whisper into each guests ear their names. To add the scary effect, trail your fingers up their arms so they think the ghost is there and ready to take them down.
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    Set up some good food. You can get some Halloween recipes online. It'll really be great.
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    Play truth or dare. It completes EVERY slumber party, no matter what. But this time, do the SCARY VERSION. Dare them to go outside with a flashlight for a minute all by themselves. Dare them to stay in a dark room alone while you whisper from the outside their name. Truth them if they believe in ghosts, truth them if they have ever had a scary encounter, etc.
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    Play some scary music. Whether it's from your phone, laptop, etc. just play whatever! Or, you could play some classics like This Is Halloween. The BEST scary music is on youtube. Just search Coraline Soundtrack, click a song and let it play. It'll set an eerie feeling.
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    Dine on candy! Leave candy bags for your guests and munch on them till you fall asleep.


  • Arrange the sleeping bags in a fun order. Make it into a smile, or eyes, or whatever. Maybe even color code the sleeping bags.
  • Keep the guests up to 3-5. 3 guests is better it's usually a group of kids/ girls that are the best of friends, 3 is the ultimate number to any sleepover, or party!!! :) Anything more might be too much a hassle.


  • Read some rules online about the Ouija Board. It's a very risky game. Always say goodbye, never play alone, don't EVER burn it, and clearly say "We call GOOD SPIRITS." If you just say "We call a spirit.", bad spirits will take this as their chance. One girl acts like they are sleeping then start saying really creepy things in your/their sleep.

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