How to Have a Room Like a Star

Three Parts:Designing the room star-styleDecorating your room like a starMaking star items for the room

Desirous of rocking out in your own room like a star? Designing a room to look like one owned by a star is a fun way to let your imagination run riot and shape your room to look a little more glam than the average.

Part 1
Designing the room star-style

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    Sit down with a bundle of magazines featuring Hollywood homes, Hollywood artists and a digital device with internet access (for the Hollywood sites). Also have a pad and paper.
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    Go through all of these resources. In particular, look for bedrooms of the stars. Also look for general features, themes, colors, etc. that you like about their houses or personal style.
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    Be realistic when designing your bedroom. If you're doing this on a budget, everything will need to be about making things copycat, at a low price (or even for free), so you'll need to use your imagination, not your wallet.
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    Design the features for your room that will work for you. Consider the space you have and how many things can actually be changed in your room. Some of the things you might be able to do include:
    • Rearranging existing furniture
    • Adding new pieces of furniture or homemade furniture
    • Pinning up pictures, photos and paintings on the walls
    • Adding rugs or wall hangings
    • Painting the walls and/or pieces of furniture
    • Removing things that don't fit with the theme
    • Adding a mirror that has lights around it, etc.
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    Draw a design plan on a blank piece of paper. It doesn't have to be perfect, just something that will help to guide you as you change your room's look.

Part 2
Decorating your room like a star

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    Be sure to have your parent's permission before making changes in your room. It won't do to go ahead and change things, only to get into trouble. If you need help with funds, ask first, before dreaming too big.
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    Paint the walls a new color. If you're allowed to change the color of the room, this is a great way to make a big change. Talk to your parents about getting help with this.
    • Choose a color or series of colors that matches with the Hollywood star's house or color that you prefer most.
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    Hang pictures of your favorite Hollywood stars on the wall. However, don't just add people you don't actually know. Intersperse these images with photos of family and friends too, so it's friendly and realistic.
    • You could make film-strip borders as frames for any of your photos and pictures.
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    Change the soft furnishings. Consider making or buying new items to add star quality to your room. For example:
    • Shimmery curtains in golds, silvers or beautiful, rich fabric.
    • A new duvet cover with a Hollywood theme of some sort, or just a rich pattern
    • Add high-count cotton sheets. Stars sleep only in the best. Make this your one splurge.
    • Place lots of lovely pillows and cushions on the bed. These can help turn your bed into a place to lounge during the day as well.
    • Rearrange your shelves. If you have books, ensure that the ones about your favorite stars have prime position. Add bits and pieces to brighten up the shelves too, such as an imitation Oscar statuette, a camera, and perhaps some movie paraphernalia.
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    Hang fairy lights in your room. These add a nice lighting touch and can be found in a range of styles and colors for very little cost.
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    Make a reading nook. Even the stars like time out to get away from it all. Make it cozy and a little hidden away from everything else. Ways to make a nook include creating a tent from an old sheet, making a teepee shape from an old sheet, rearranging furniture to make a hidden spot or simply turning an old chair with its back to the rest of the room. If you have a window-seat, this could be the reading nook.

Part 3
Making star items for the room

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    Make a vanity dresser for your room.
    • Use a square-shaped table. Staple or glue hanging fabric around the edges of the table, draping down to the floor.
    • Glue a large yellow star to the center of the table. Coat with Mod Podge or contact paper to protect the star and table surface.
    • Add a mirror behind the table. If possible, include clip-on lights around the edges of the mirror.
    • Arrange your makeup items on the little vanity table. You can use little jars for added effect; paint them nicely and keep your make up in them.
    • Add a little stool for sitting at the vanity dresser. Cover the little stool in fabric and frills.
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    Make a Hollywood star nameplate for the door to your room. See How to make a Hollywood star nameplate for details.
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    Make good use of decorative elements that shimmer and sparkle. When doing up furniture, making soft furnishings and making your own decorative items, use such sparkling items as glitter, sequins, shiny beads, artificial gems, tinsel, colored cellophane and gold paint or fabric to help the items have star quality.


  • Ensure that this room is your sanctuary for reading, studying and downtime.
  • If you share your room, check if your roommate wants to change it too.


  • Avoid making the room look too busy or garish. A few well-placed pieces are enough to give a Hollywood theme without overdoing it. Keep it glamorous, not cluttered.

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