How to Have a Relaxation Day

There's many health benefits from not stressing. But sometimes our lives can become cluttered and filled. Well we need a relaxation day. Even God had a day he rested on after building the earth, so us tiny humans obviously are going to need one too.

Note: This is not a "spa day"; it's a relax day.


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    Take a hot bath. Turn on soothing music, grab a glass of wine (or anything else if you're too young), and put lots of bubbles in the bath. Stay in 20-30 minutes, or as long as you please.
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    When you get out put on the most comfortable clothes that you own. The best thing would be sweats and a T-shirt.
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    Stretch. Stretching relieves all tension and relaxes you. Stretch for about 10 minutes.
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    Do yoga. Turn on some relaxing music and do some simple yoga in your house. Look up poses you can do. If you have Wii-fit, do all- or at least some- of the yoga poses. Do yoga for at least thirty minutes. When you're done, don't forget the best part- the relaxation part. The relaxation is just lying down on your back with quiet music and relaxing all your muscles and not stressing or thinking. Relax 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of yoga.
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    Meditate. Sit down in a quiet spot and meditate. If you've never meditated before, start by doing 10 minutes. Next time you do it add 5 minutes until you're doing it for one hour at a time.
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    Take a nap. Don't take like a two-hour nap though. Take a 15 minute power nap. Close the blinds, and get in bed. Set an alarm for 15 minutes from then so you won't keep checking the clock or worrying about falling asleep and staying asleep for 3 hours.
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    Read. Read a great book (don't read a scary book right now) on the couch with a blanket. Drink water or tea while reading.
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    Grab a snack. You can either do something sweet like ice cream as a treat, or something healthy like fruit to make you feel better. Either way, grab it and your favorite drink. Eat it while doing the next step.
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    Watch a movie. Dim the lights, relax on the couch with a blanket, and eat your snack. Watch a chick flick or a comedy, or your favorite movie. Just don't watch a horror movie. It needs to be relaxing.
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    After this just go to bed. If it's not night take the rest of the day easy. Here's ideas for if it's not night.
    • Take a walk. Not a jog or run. Just a relaxing walk to enjoy nature.
    • Draw. Draw anything you want to, even if you're bad at drawing.
    • Play an instrument. Try playing your guitar, piano, or flute, something like that. Don't start playing hard loud music.
    • Do anything else you enjoy. Make sure it doesn't take much labor or is tiring or something you don't enjoy though.


  • Don't think about things that are stressful.
  • Smile. Randomly smile. It makes you feel good and relaxed.

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