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Three Parts:Decorating Your RoomOrganizing Your RoomAdding Some Personality

Your bedroom is a place where you spend a large portion of your time; it’s where you sleep, do homework and generally hang out. So it stands to reason that you’d like your room to be a comfortable and inviting space that feels like an extension of your personality.

Part 1
Decorating Your Room

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    DIY a headboard. Headboards are awesome statement pieces, but they can be expensive. To make your own, install a curtain rod over your bed and hang a funky quilt over it to create the headboard look.[1]
    • You can also purchase wall decals that look like headboards online. They are very cheap and easy to apply and remove from the walls.
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    Tape your ceiling fan. If you’re bored of your plain, white ceiling fan, try adding some colored Washi tape. Create designs with the tape on the fan for an awesome pop of color whether the fan is off or on.[2]
    • Before adding the tape, make sure to remove the fan blades and clean for dust and dirt.
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    Create a constellation on your ceiling. Ceilings are often overlooked while decorating, but there’s no reason why yours should be anything but awesome. You can create your own galaxy, right in your own bedroom, using a variety of different materials, including stick on stars, star decals, splatter glow paint and twinkly lights.[3]
    • Double check that whatever materials you’re using glow in the dark. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see your stars while you’re falling asleep.
    • For maximum impact, position your constellation directly over your bed.
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    Give your walls an overhaul. Changing up your wall color is one of the easiest ways to reinvent your room. But when it comes to painting, try thinking outside the box. Instead of just slapping on the color haphazardly, try one of these tricks to transform your wall space:
    • Add a statement wall. Statement walls are great because they allow you to experiment with bolder and more interesting colors than you might use if you were painting an entire room. Add a statement or accent wall right behind your bed for a more powerful punch.
    • Add a pop of color in an unusual place. Paint the back of a door or the inside of a drawer a bright color. This will make for a fun surprise when you open it up to reveal the contents.[4]
    • Experiment with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is easy to apply and is a super fun way to decorate and also to ingest some personality into your space. Invite your friends over to draw murals on the wall or to sign their names.
    • You don't have to paint alone! Invite your friends over for a painting party. The work will go by quicker and every time you hang out in your room, you'll be reminded of how great your friends are for helping you.
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    Play around with interesting textures. Who says walls have to be painted? Try experimenting with wallpaper for one of your accent walls. If you live in a place that doesn’t allow permanent changes (like paint or wallpaper) look online to find non-permanent wallpaper.[5]
    • Wall decals and wall stickers are also a fun, non-permanent option to give your room some texture and visual interest.
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    Make an old piece of furniture new again. If you have an old desk or chair that looks a little shabbier than you’d like, try transforming it using DIY methods. Sand it down and paint it another color or try reupholstering it. There are many tutorials online that can take you through the steps to make these affordable and easy changes.

Part 2
Organizing Your Room

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    Rearrange your furniture. There are lots of good reasons to change up your furniture arrangement: it helps protect your floors, it allows you to capitalize on seasonal lighting, but most of all, change is good![6] Changing the furniture in your room will allow you to see your room as a brand new space.
    • If you have a small room and are looking to gain some additional storage space, try propping your bed up on risers. Risers can be purchased online or in most home goods stores.
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    Clean out your closet. The enemy of organization is clutter. To pare down on clutter, you’re going to need to go through all of your belongings, starting with your clothing. Take stock of what you currently own and give away anything that you don’t wear or need.
    • Don’t keep something that doesn’t fit just because you think you might fit into it later. Get rid of it, and if you end up gaining or losing weight, buy something new to celebrate when that happens.[7]
    • To more easily track what you use or don’t use, every time you wear something in your closet, turn the hanger around so it’s facing the other way. At the end of the year, give away anything that you haven’t worn.
    • Add additional lighting to your closet so you can see your outfit options more clearly.[8]
    • Don’t throw the clothes away. Most thrift stores allow you to donate used clothing and there are some that will buy gently used goods from you. If you don’t feel like doing that, try organizing a clothing swap with some of your close friends. You’ll get rid of things you don’t wear anymore and will be able to add a few new (free!) additions to your wardrobe.
    • Take the door off your closet so you’ll be more likely to hang up your clothes, rather than throwing them directly on the floor.[9]
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    Create storage solutions. You’ll never feel truly comfortable in your own space if you don’t know where any of your stuff is. Buy containers and label them, so you’ll be able to keep track of your belongings more easily.[10]
    • To organize your jewelry, try hanging or displaying it. This will keep it from tangling and will also serve as a fun decoration for your room.
    • Try an unorthodox solution for storing your sunglasses, like hanging them from a coat hanger.

Part 3
Adding Some Personality

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    Decorate using photos. Once your room is arranged and laid out the way you want it, it’s time to add those personal touches. Decorating with photos is great because it’s inexpensive and you’re surrounding yourself with people and places that are meaningful to you.
    • Use Washi tape to create picture frames. The tape is cheaper than framing the pictures and since it’s not permanent, you can change up the designs and picture placement to fit your mood. Plus, you don’t need to make any holes in your wall![11]
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    Hang posters or art that represents you as a person. Art seems like it should be expensive, but there are many affordable options to buying art. Try using sites like Etsy or Ebay or, if you have artistic friends, commission them to create something especially for you.
    • Hang an oversized map and mark off where you’ve already travelled in the world.[12]
    • Buy used records in a thrift store and frame and display them on your walls.
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    Hang a corkboard. Corkboards are very inexpensive and can be purchased online and in most office supply stores. Corkboards are incredibly useful and effective because they allow you to keep track of and display nostalgia that you might otherwise lose.
    • Try pinning tickets or programs from concerts that you and your friends have been to.
    • Make sure to position everything on your corkboard neatly so it’s visually interesting and not messy and distracting.


  • If you are painting, make sure to put a tarp down so as not to damage your floors. Take extra precautions while painting to keep your belongings safe.
  • If you are buying used goods or furniture, make sure to wash them and inspect them before bringing them into your house. You never know what might be hiding inside.


  • Do not embark on any major room changes without your parent or guardian’s approval.
  • Do not make any permanent room changes that you think might later outgrow. It’s fine to hang a poster up of your favorite band. Maybe just don’t paint their faces on your wall (unless you’re comfortable painting over them later on.)

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